For most people that visit the luxurious Dominican Republic, the temptation is to book into a resort and stay within its walls for the duration. After all, who would want to leave the luxury of Casa de Campo in Domincan Republic? While that has much to be commended, it actually means that there’s a lot of beauty that you’re missing out on. The island republic is much more than just the artificial environments of the busy resorts, and by taking the time to do some exploring, you’ll have a much more satisfying and memorable adventure. With its rich culture and absolutely stunning sandy beaches, glorious waterfalls, and local produce, the Dominican Republic has something for everyone. Here’s how to get the most from your time in the Dominican Republic.

Pick the right base

You won’t have too many problems finding the best places to stay on the island. It will largely come down to what kind of holiday you’re after and who you’re travelling with, but there are plenty of options available. More people are choosing to avoid the stifling confines of the grand resorts and instead choosing to book their time in Dominican Republic villas for a number of reasons. Not only does staying in a villa on the island mean that you’re not going to lose out on luxury, but it also means that you get much more control over your holiday experience. Choose the right villa for you and your holiday companions, and the temptation may just be to relax there for the duration.

Escape the crowds

While staying in your accommodation is relaxing, if you truly want to experience the way of life on the island, then you’re going to want to get mobile. Taking a road trip is a fantastic way to experience the Dominican Republic, and with the freedom to explore and stop wherever you like, you can soak up the atmosphere in your own time. Ignore the buses full of tourists and rent your own wheels, and you’ll soon forget all about watches and itineraries as you absorb the island’s natural beauty. The roads of the Dominican Republic get a bad rep, and in truth, you do need to drive carefully in places. However, with the right attitude and a desire to explore, taking charge of your own destinations is the best way to experience this island paradise.

For heavenly seclusion

The Dominican Republic has some of the most beautiful, unspoiled, and secluded beaches in the world. You can be sure that these are not the beaches that the tourist buses visit! No matter how nice your local beach is, it will pale into distant memory when you first step foot on one of the many hidden beaches that will grant you silence and beauty in equal measure. Most of the best beaches on the island are surrounded by coconut forests and completely hidden from view, so you’ll need to have some idea of how to get there. Once you’ve found the perfect, secluded beach, you’re sure to be able to relax utterly and forget about the hustle and bustle of the real world.

With over 1,000 miles of stunning coastline and enough culture to keep even the most studious of holiday-makers happy, the Dominican Republic is one of the most sought-after dream destinations in the world. With the hospitality of the locals and the chance to enjoy the ultimate escape, the Dominican Republic has something for everyone.


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