How To Glamp Your Way Through The Festival Season

Getting down and dirty is part of the festival charm. But getting clean and beautiful again is part of your charm! So when looking at your accommodation options for this season, think about whether or not it would be worth spending a bit more this year and upgrading.

Some of the options we found will mean cancelling your summer holiday abroad and enjoying a ‘staycation’ here at your festival, some of them will simply mean using your Louboutin fund.  We know… ‘simply’!

Either way, it’s definitely worth doing. For the cosy bed, the hot showers and in some cases, room service!

We’ve found the best way to enjoy the music and party time without worrying about having to resort to sleeping in 5 layers of festival wear, getting through 3 tins of dry shampoo and having a daily baby wipe shower.



Podpad, Luxpad, Bunkpad, Beaupad, Bellepad and Octopad.

Podpad_2 Podpad_1

Prices vary depending on Festival.

‘Oh we do like to be beside the… festival!’ These are super cute camping pods brought to the festival to give you a more sturdy place to stay.

They look just like the seaside sheds you find lining the British coast, brightly painted wooden huts with flooring, shelving, lighting and actual beds. Set up in a “village” with its own reception serving tea and coffee, it’s also close to shared toilets, showers, security and phone-charging points. So you can always wash your hair and you can always Instagram how beautiful you look. PLUS you can’t feel too bad about using the electricity in the outdoors because the Podpads are solar powered. 

List of festivals. Includes Download, Wakestock, Kendal Calling, Boomtown Fair, Outlook and Bestival.


Pop-Up Hotel

2926581.png cache_fav-390 pop-up-hotel-glamping-suite1

Prices from £1,695

When we say ‘Pop up Hotel’ we don’t mean just a few tents put up for you to stay in.

The Pop-Up Hotel offers the service and facilities of a boutique hotel with the excitement of staying under the stars. It offers luxury bell tents as well as suites with en suite bathrooms and stylish decking at the front.

This truly is a VIP festival experience. With 24 hour security, restaurant with breakfast buffet, room (tent) service, a private bar and lounge, a porter for your bags, free wifi, fresh towels and luxury showers.

Plus, you never know who you might spy in this sort of an area.

We say treat yourself. If you’re doing Glastonbury you can be doing 6 days. With the Pop up Hotel you can treat this as a holiday

List of festivals. Including Glastonbury, V Festival and Hay Festival.


Yurts and Squrts

Yurts, Cloudhouses and Squrts

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 10.37.19 Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 10.36.54

Prices vary depending on festival.

Getting cosy in a yurt is what festival dreams are made of. They’re big enough to have a living area, a sleeping area and a kitchen area if needs be. They’re hand made and decked out with the cutest and fluffiest rugs, ethnic cushions, table and tea light lanterns.

Your Cloudhouse is a bit smaller and your Squrt a bit smaller again.

List of festivals. Including Bestival, Glastonbury, The Secret Garden Party and Wilderness


Gypsy Bowtop Caravans

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 10.38.53 Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 10.38.38

Price on request.

Take it back to the good old days of travelling romance. These Gypsy Bowtops are the ultimate in festival glamping right now, if you can find a festival that offers them. At Glastonbury this year they come furnished with complete bedding for the double top and bottom sleeping compartments, tables, seating, electricity and storage.

The ‘village’ has toilets and hot showers, private bar, the Yurt Love Café, indoor and outdoor seating areas, 24hr staff and security plus your Gypsy Bowtop has lockable doors.

There isn’t a set list of festivals for these. You can see the Glastonbury Bowtops here. But search online of others and you may find them at your festival.



inside_tipi Eves_Tipis_Camp_Bestival_09

Prices vary depending on festival.

Get yourself a Tipi for warmth, rugs, tables and lanterns. Usually there’ll be Bell Boys in the boutique camping area to help you with your luggage depending on which festival you go to and you’ll also have access to monitored toilets and hot showers.

List of festivals. Including Isle of White and Bestival. But most festivals will offer their own.



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