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How to Help Your Teen with Decision Making

How to Help Your Teen with Decision Making

How to Help Your Teen with Decision Making

February 20th, 2023

It’s common for teens to struggle with decision making, and as the end of high school nears, there are plenty of decisions that will need to be made. If your teen needs to decide what the next steps are in the new chapter of their life, there are several ways you can help them do so.

Help Them Consider the Options

A common decision many teens face is what to do after they finish high school. For many, the obvious choice is college, but make sure your child is really thinking through their decision. Find out what they want to do during college and how they expect to use their desired degree after graduation. Talk to them about the fact that college is a financial decision as well. One way you can help them cover the cost is by cosigning on a student loan with them.

Look at Things from Their Perspective

Because you have so much more experience than your teen, it is easy for you to look at decisions and see an easy solution, but the same is not always true for a young person without that experience. When your teen chooses something that seems like the opposite of what they should, it might feel frustrating to you. If they should be studying but choose to hang out with their friends instead, you might be frustrated when your child receives low grades.

Try talking to them without showing any judgment about their choices. You might pick a time when they are feeling more relaxed so you can get their perspective. You might calmly ask them when they plan on studying for their exams. This helps your child think about what they are doing so they make better decisions. You may find your child does have a plan to study with their friends after all.

Consider All the Options

If your teen does not know how to make an important decision, take some time to think about all the options. Sit down with your child and start listing out the options. While your child may make some suggestions that you don’t see working, don’t blow them off. Just add them to the list so you can go over everything together. Don't be afraid to make some suggestions as well. Just know that your teen might not find them acceptable, for the simple reason that they don’t want to take advice from parents.

Check in Often

After you have helped them decide how they should handle something, make sure to hold them accountable. If your child says they would like to get a job after high school instead of going to college, follow up with them to make sure they are starting to search for and apply to jobs. If your child has decided what to study in school, follow up to see that they have been researching this career path. Of course, you will likely need to check in with younger teens more than older who are nearing adulthood, but everyone is different, and some need more guidance than others.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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