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How to hunt a perfect Apartment in New York City

If you are looking for an apartment in New York City, you need to figure out various aspects that can help get you a perfect apartment.

If you are looking for an apartment in New York City, you need to figure out various aspects that can help get you a perfect apartment. We have listed all the factors that you should consider which will help find you something that fits the bill.

Start with hunting early.

While searching for an apartment in New York City, make sure to start your expedition early. This will save them from falling prey to wrong hands or agents. Do thorough research and start preparing early for this. You might think that any neighborhood would do, but you are mistaken; while on a search expedition, you will realize that not all neighborhoods are affordable, accessible or desirable.

Explore areas that are under your interest in advance.

Physically inspect the neighborhood you are interested in

When we decide to live somewhere, we need to feel comfortable and safe at all hours. It is important to investigate all the neighborhoods that are of your interest. An area might look safe during the day, but it may look less appealing at night. It would be best if you looked out for lighting provisions, especially at street corners and alleyways.

You should ensure that people who hang around at night are the kind of people that you want to avoid or not.

Avoid hunting for an apartment during summers.

If you can delay your search process, avoid hunting for an apartment during summers in New York City. The summer season can be chaotic as various college students are pouring in looking for economical staying options.

The preferred time to look for property is between September and December, which will give a chance to negotiate effectively.

Keep your budget in mind.

The cost of living can differ in different parts of New York City. That is why it is advisable to calculate your budget beforehand. Understanding your budget will give you an idea of planning the whole process of shortlisting an apartment. Before starting your search process, you can calculate the budget by estimating your salary, savings, moving costs, groceries, transportation, and other expenses.

Consider getting a roommate.

New York City can be expensive, especially if you are looking for renting or temporary home. You will find better apartments if you decide to split the rent by getting roommates. Many people choose roommates to cut down the cost.

Keep an open mind

TV shows like Friends, Broke Girls or Gossip Girl, set in New York, might give you an impression that apartments are luxurious and artistic lofts. This is not reality. You will find apartments in all kinds of sizes and basic amenities. While hunting for an apartment, keep an open mind about the space and facilities it will come with.

However, if you have certain amenities without which you won’t be able to choose the property, make a list of all those; this will help refine your search and get you the apartment of your desire.

Keep all your paperwork in order.

While searching for an apartment, make sure you have all your paperwork and down payments ready. This will help in shortlisting and finalizing the deal on time. There are chances that many other people might also be interested and offer to pay more; however, if you keep your papers and down payment ready, you will be able to act quickly. Some common paperwork required is a letter of your job offer, photocopy of your ID and salary slips.

So to avoid delaying the process, keep paperwork and financial documents ready.


While hunting for an apartment in New York might not be easy on the pocket, but that doesn’t mean you can find something on a budget. Make sure to research and work on the process beforehand.