We’re not going to lie and say that a diabetes diagnosis will not change your life, because it will. You will need to make some adjustments and sacrifices which could be major or minor depending on your old habits. You can still live pretty comfortably with diabetes, however. It’s really about adopting sound new habits, understanding your disease, and taking the proper precautions. Here are some tips for people who want to live a normal life with diabetes.

Look at Insulin Pumps

Type 1 diabetes is the most debilitating form of diabetes. This is the type that will require you to take multiple injections and the type most people dread. If you’ve been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, you will have to take insulin all of your life and having to jab yourself every day could become a drag after a while. But you should know that there are new solutions right now that make insulin injection much easier.

You now have insulin pumps that will automatically administer the exact dose of insulin you need into your bloodstream by using glucose sensors. If you want to learn more about them, we suggest you check out the information on insulin pumps in the linked piece from the London Diabetes Clinic. This outlines who they’re for, and the different types of pumps you can find. You’ll also get more information on how to find someone to fit them for you.

Eat Healthy

Changing your diet is one of the most important parts of diabetes management. Some people have been able to reverse the effect of type 2 diabetes through diet and exercise, and while you can’t cure type 1 diabetes, eating properly will reduce the chances of incidents.

Learn how to love fibre and whole grains. Things like white bread, white rice, and corn will need to be swapped with better options. Go for whole grains whenever you can and switch to healthier grains like quinoa or barley, for instance.

Certain fruits should also be on your warning list. Pineapple, oranges, raisins, and mangoes should either be avoided or eaten in moderation while high fibre, low sugar fruits like apples are recommended. You will also need to be careful with fruit juices as they often contain more sugar than a comparable portion of the fruit they come from.

Get Moving

People with diabetes cannot afford to be sedentary as it worsens their condition and increases their chances of suffering complications. So, you will need to get some activity in your daily routine. You don’t need to go crazy, however. Start with something simple like 30 minutes of brisk walking per day and try hopping on a light to moderate strength training regimen. Then you can start looking at more intense sports like swimming or jogging and ramp up your training intensity.

These are all simple tips that will make diabetes less of a burden on you. It’s possible to live a happy life with diabetes as long as you accept your condition and are ready to make the minor changes that will be required of you.


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