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How to Keep Yourself Active Despite Working All Day Long

How to Keep Yourself Active Despite Working All Day Long

The workday can be long and tiring. If you find yourself getting tired, it may be time to shake things up a bit.

February 9th, 2022

The workday can be long and tiring. If you find yourself getting tired, it may be time to shake things up a bit. There are many ways to stay active during the day without interrupting your workflow. Here are just a few that can help you keep your body healthy and energized.

1. Partake in office exercise programs (if they are offered)

If your company offers exercise programs, definitely take them up on the offer. If your job requires little physical activity, even something as simple as walking can make a big difference in your health. Some businesses will organize bootcamp workouts, Zumba dance classes, and many others to let their employees try a little bit of everything. If your office doesn’t have this kind of program, talk to the people in HR and see if they would be willing to set something up (this may even improve employee morale). You can also work out on your own or with friends during lunch break.

2. Take the stairs instead of the elevator

If you work in a high-rise building, make an effort to take the stairs instead of the elevator. This will let your body get some exercise while getting you up and about. It’s also good for your heart. If you can, avoid taking elevators or escalators whenever possible. It will be better for your vascular system over time.

3. Make time for a quick walk around the block

If you work a 9 to 5 job, try to find time for a quick walk around the block during your lunch break. It only takes 15 minutes, but it’s good for your physical and mental health. If you can’t do this at work because of where you live or having to stay inside during that time period, then try to make time for it after work or on the weekends. It’s important to make this a priority in order to keep your body in good condition.

4. Try to get in some exercise when you come home

After coming home from work, try not to sit still for too long (even if you’re tired). Instead of doing so, go for a run, have sex with your partner, or do some other physical activity. This will help you burn calories while boosting your energy levels afterward. No matter how tired you are when you get home from work, try not to sit around for hours on end. It’s better for your body if you don’t take it easy all the time.

5. Do some sit-ups in the office when you have downtime

If your job is full of busy work or if you work in an environment where you have a lot of downtime, do some sit-ups in your cubicle while waiting for something to finish up. This can be done under your desk when nobody is looking. It only takes a little time and can make a huge difference in your health overall. This is a great way to get your heart pumping without taking too much time out of the workday.

6. Take short breaks from sitting by standing or walking around

Sitting still for long periods of time is terrible for your body, including your legs and back. Don’t sit still for too long during the day. If you have a desk job, try to take short breaks from sitting by getting up and standing or walking around. Make an effort to keep your muscles moving as much as possible so they don’t get stiff or go numb from being stationary for so long.

7. Park further away from work so you have to walk more

If you drive to work, try parking further away from your building. Not only will this get your legs moving a little bit, but it’s also good for the environment (and may save you some money on gas). If you are a commuter, on the other hand, try to get off the transit a bit further from your workplace to get the same benefit.

8. Try yoga or meditation at home before getting ready for bed

Try doing yoga or meditating right before going to sleep at night. This will help you relax after a long day at work, but it will also get your body moving and make sure it’s ready for sleep. Some cool-down exercises before bed are particularly good for the muscles, joints, and cardiovascular system, reducing your risk of developing heart diseases.

Though working all day long can be tiring, it’s important to keep yourself active and moving. Thankfully, there are many ways to do this without taking up too much of your time. In fact, most of these tips can be done in just a few minutes each. So, try out some of these activities the next time you feel like you’re dragging or find yourself sitting still for too long. Not only will they help improve your health overall, but they may also make you more productive when you’re back at work.



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