You’re about to go on a trip for two days, and you’re hesitant to leave your cat alone. You don’t know how you’re going to feed and take care of your cat during the two days you won’t be around. It is easy and possible to take care of your cat while you are gone on a trip. Even though your cat seems not to know how to stay without you, some measures can be put in place. Continue reading this article to know how to leave your cat alone for two days.

Get a water fountain that continues to run

Typically, one of the things you will be worried about is how your cat is going to get water while you are on your two-day trip. Cats need to remain rehydrated, and so there has to be a way for them to drink water while you are gone on your trip. Do you know there are water fountains for pets that can continue to run while you’re out on your trip? You can get a water fountain for your pet from your local pet store. It is advisable to get a stainless steel cat water fountain as they are easier to maintain and use than others.

Get a food dispenser

How your cat will get water is already taken care of, but now there’s the issue of how they will get food. There’s good news, though; your cat can get food as easily as they can get water. With a food dispenser, you can ration the amount of food your cat will get while you are gone on your two-day trip. Load your house with cat food before you go and put it inside the food dispenser. Program your food dispensers to dispense specific amounts of food to your cat as they need it. Can you see now that your cat is in good hands?

Get someone to check on them if you are worried

If the two options above still do not sound helpful to you, you can just employ someone to take care of your cat in your absence. Before you travel on your two days trip, ask your friends if they know of any reliable pet sitter. You can search for a pet sitter on your own, but it is faster to ask around for a well known one. Once you find a pet sitter, get them to come around to take care of your cat to see how your cat reacts to them. If you see your cat takes a liking to them, then you can employ them to take care of your cat while you are gone for two days. A family member can also help you check up on your cat if you have one that’s around to help.

Having a cat does not have to get in the way of you going on trips. Once you have a food dispenser and water fountain for your cat, they can be fed in your absence. You can also get a family member or pet sitter to come around to check up on your cat while you are gone. You can have the time of your life on your trip while your cat is having the time of theirs too. Leave your cat with their favorite food, toys, and they won’t even notice your absence.


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