Billboard advertising is a unique niche of the marketing field. Billboards are able to generate customers via the visual medium that would otherwise not be exposed to your product or business. They effectively market to prospective consumers through highways, walkways, public transportation, and even word-of-mouth. Creating a last impression with your billboard, however, can be a difficult task. The process of not only getting someone to read and pay attention to the billboard throughout the day, but to get them to engage more deeply with it can pose a number of challenges. Here are some tips to ensure your billboard makes a lasting impression and drives business back to you!

Where You Make Your Impression

One of the secrets to billboard marketing is making your impression in the right location. If you attempt to lead others to your business or product while they are overstressed or in a rush, you will likely miss out on your opportunity. This is why picking the best location for your billboard is critical.

Public transportation routes, walking paths, and dense highways are among your best places to hoist your billboard—whether it be digital or print. These locations ensure that possible consumers are regularly seeing your billboard, in such an environment that they are able to process the information and visuals on it.

Remember that where you place your billboard is not only a general theme, but a nationwide strategy. Billboards in Atlanta should be placed differently than billboards in Detroit, what cities you select for your billboards is important depending on the nature and location of your business. Research your demographics and transportation routes to grasp the attention of those you are trying to reach. This takes time and effort, but is far worth the energy.

Don’t Pass on the Visual Element

A billboard is a visual piece of artwork. While its purpose is to market your business and advertise, it is a visual method for doing so. If you pass on the visual aspect of your billboard—whether it be a failure to invest, or a lack of time spent—you may find your billboard failing to make impressions upon its viewers.

So how do you ensure that you take full advantage of the visual aspect of your billboard? First and foremost, make sure that it is exciting! Your billboard should pop, and needs to make an impression upon the eyes within seconds. Research successful billboards, hire a designer, and make sure that it is exciting while also being in line with your business’s, or product’s design style. Next, ensure that it is easily readable. Any textual messages should scream at the eyes, they should not have to be found. Lastly, consider utilizing digital billboards. A digital billboard can be a great way to take advantage of animation, short videos, color changes, dynamic backgrounds, and other tools to better grasp your approaching viewer.

Taking this step to produce an exciting, high quality piece of visual art can help your billboard make an impression that may draw customers in who would otherwise have never looked.

Integrate Your Billboard With Other Media

Your billboard should not stand alone. The goal of any billboard is to get its viewer to continue to interact with your business or product. This means that if you have social media, websites, eCommerce pages, applications, etc., the goal should be to lead a viewer to interact with one, or many of these mediums.

This can be done well utilizing QR codes or short, memorable web links that lead passers by to your socials or other digital media. Even consider putting unique offers on your billboards that lead future customers to engage based on the urgency and specificity of the billboard direction.

This type of artful integration forces a deeper interaction that is more individualized toward the customer, and may be what turns the tide of success for your marketing campaign.

Research, Reassess, Rotate

The success of your billboard may be something that takes time to understand. Thus, it is critical that you regularly research the success of your area, and billboard itself, take time to reassess your strategies, and rotate your billboards to new locations, or rotate to new styles if need be.

This consistent research and reassessment can help your marketing campaign keep with the times and continue to serve you until you find the strategy that is most effective for your individual business.

There are a plethora of ways to make lasting impressions with a billboard, but taking these into focus will significantly help your success, and help keep your billboard marketing campaign pointed in the right direction.


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