In a condition where work and jobs are becoming ultimately online; most people work from home via their phones, laptops, and desktops, a perfect coffee espresso keeps you going. It’s almost a culture to stimulate the day with a sweet flavoury espresso.

Do you want to make yours? How is it made?


The Coffee Beans:

Your coffee beans should be fresh, in order to produce the best espresso. It is important to purchase them from a specialist like Great Outdoors Coffee, who definitely knows the quality of the beans in accordance with the taste and flavor of the espresso you intend to make.

Also, the coffee beans should be well ground, to get the best flavor out of them. It must be void of moisture and should be totally clean. One last thing to note is that the way the beans are ground determines how water passes through the coffee. It will ultimately vary depending on how well the beans are ground.

Clean Your Machine and Portafilter:

Your Portafilter should be totally clean and should not have stains of water. It affects the coffee grounds, makes it watery, and then the end product will not be good.

Your machine should be stable in temperature and volume. Check Great Coffee Brewers for the best coffee maker.

Evenly pour out your ground beans in the Portafilter:

You may depend on the grinder to distribute the beans but it won’t be even. It will definitely end up in shapes, which isn’t good for your coffee-making process.

If you can’t use your hands, then get tools for distribution, it will help out in distributing your grounds in an even manner.

After you do that, tamp well and evenly. Make sure you tamp to the extent that you do not feel any airspace in your coffee puck.

Start brewing:

Before you start brewing, make sure the group head is clean and convenient to use. After that, insert your Portafilter to start brewing. Make sure it stays well in its space, so it doesn’t shake or fall off.

If you don’t start brewing immediately, your coffee cup might definitely be fired up by the heat that emerges out of the group head.

While brewing, take note of the time used in brewing, try as much as possible not to make it too short or too long for the extraction. As much as you do that, take note of how the espresso is running, if it is running too fast, then it is possibly extracting too long and fast.

Rinse the Group Head

It is important to clean every part of the coffee maker. Naturally, coffee making tends to have stains, it is important to clean the stains and put everything in order so as to make the next brewing process faster and cleaner. The group head should be rinsed and cleaned, so the stains do not dry upon it. If it does, then it is a minus on your cleanliness as a coffee maker, everything has to be neat, tidy, and orderly.


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