Before we say goodbye to the last few days of British Summertime, Team Coco catches up with Jonathan Daniel Pryce, a.k.a Garcon Jon, and The Clove Club’s Rob Simpson for a with Gordon’s and Pimm’s at the South Place Hotel. And so, since we’re now clearly experts in both the art of cocktail making and cocktail photography, we’re sharing a few tips we picked up from the masters themselves. So, before you make yourself a classic GNT, why not give these recipes a try?

A Pink Gordon’s Gin for the Pink Ladies

Now this sweet spritz is the perfect summer aperitif, but don’t be fooled by its rosy hue, this gin packs a punch, albeit one of the fruity variety.

1.Fill your LARGEST wine glass with a good helping of ice

2. Pour 50 ml of Gordon’s Premium Pink Distilled Gin

3.Pour 50 ml (Or more) of lemonade

4.Finish it off with a splash of Prosecco (duh!)

5.Top it all off with a handful of strawberry slices

A Summer Pimm’s Spritz to spruce up your backyard BBQ

A blend of fruity notes and sparkling wine, this is definitely the refreshing spritz to hit that summer sweet-spot ( right in between “It’s boiling out!” and “what horrible weather”)

1.Fill your LARGEST wine glass with a good helping of ice

2. Pour 50 ml of Pimm’s

3. A generous amount of lemonade (but 75 ml would do)

4.A splash Prosecco

5. Garnish with cucumber and mint (totally considered as part of your five-a-day)

And if that’s not enough — a few top tips from Jonathan Daniel Pryce (street-style fashion photographer extraordinaire) on capturing the perfect summer cocktail photo, include playing with light, shadow, and composition! Though – rather than telling you about it, why not give @jonathandanielpryce a follow, and learn from the master photographer himself?

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