How to make the Quintessential British Summertime Cocktail

Before we say goodbye to the last few days of British Summertime, Team Coco catches up with Jonathan Daniel Pryce, a.k.a Garcon Jon, and The Clove Club’s Rob Simpson for a with Gordon’s and Pimm’s  at the South Place Hotel. And so, since we’re now clearly experts in both the art of cocktail making and cocktail photography, we’re sharing a few tips we picked up from the masters themselves. So, before you make yourself a classic GNT, why not give these recipes a try?

A Pink Gordon’s Gin for the Pink Ladies

Now this sweet spritz is the perfect summer aperitif, but don’t be fooled by its rosy hue, this gin packs a punch, albeit one of the fruity variety.

1.Fill your LARGEST wine glass with a good helping of ice

2. Pour 50 ml of Gordon’s Premium Pink Distilled Gin

3.Pour 50 ml (Or more) of lemonade

4.Finish it off with a splash of Prosecco (duh!)

5.Top it all off with a handful of strawberry slices

A Summer Pimm’s Spritz to spruce up your backyard BBQ

A blend of fruity notes and sparkling wine, this is definitely the refreshing spritz to hit that summer sweet-spot ( right in between “It’s boiling out!” and “what horrible weather”)

1.Fill your LARGEST wine glass with a good helping of ice

2. Pour 50 ml of Pimm’s

3. A generous amount of lemonade (but 75 ml would do)

4.A splash Prosecco

5. Garnish with cucumber and mint (totally considered as part of your five-a-day)

And if that’s not enough — a few top tips from Jonathan Daniel Pryce (street-style fashion photographer extraordinaire) on capturing the perfect summer cocktail photo, include playing with light, shadow, and composition! Though – rather than telling you about it, why not give @jonathandanielpryce a follow, and learn from the master photographer himself?

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