How To Manage Your Move To A New Home

In life there are endless things that can cause stress. From something as little as not having milk in the fridge when you are in dire need of a cup of tea, right up to things as big as moving house. There is no surprise that ‘moving house’ always comes top of the ‘most stressful things to do’ lists. It involves a LOT of planning from packing, removals and trying to time everything perfectly so that things run smoothly on the big day. That’s if you manage to even get it all done in one day, you might need a few days to pack things up and move them over in different stages. Then there is the worry of whether the furniture will fit in to the new house, you might even have to take out windows to fit things in if you haven’t (or your partner hasn’t) measured things correctly.

Whether you’re a total beginner when it comes to moving house or a veteran, anyone can benefit from some moving house tips. Here at House of Coco we like to help take the stress out of everything, especially something as big as moving house.

So,  here are a few simple steps to help take the hassle out of your big move so you can see more condos in the King West area

Short stay
If you’re waiting in between the sale of your existing home and completion of your new home you may be left homeless for weeks or even months. It’s not an ideal situation to be in but why not make it fun! Have look online for short stay apartments, you can usually find LOADS of options in most major cities. Having a few nights away and nothing about all the ‘moving house stress’ means you can pretend you’re on a little holiday and can enjoy the luxury of having someone else take care of all the cleaning!

Finding a short stay holiday apartment may be a good option if you’re not able to find somewhere to lodge, you might not have the benefit of a family member that is willing to take you in.


Self Storage
Again In the same scenario above you don’t want to be carrying all your furniture, clothing, and everything else you’ve collected over the years so find a local cheap but secure self storage facility to temporary store your belongings. This service is always a lot cheaper than people anticipate so do a bit of shopping around until you find a good deal.

They even offer extra services and can pick up the stuff from your house to save you the hassle. A lot of self storage companies can recommend other great services that might come in handy so ask them for any tips and advice. They might have preferred partners for removals and they might have some deals they can share with you. There is no harm in asking!

Furniture removal / transfer

Dismantling, loading, transferring then reassembling everything up again could be a very stressful and straining task. If you’re anything like us, you will spend hours trying to put together the simplest piece of furniture to eventually realise that you actually had the instructions upside down. We recommend that you hire a professional removals company to do it for you and it’s worth every penny.

Things can easily get lost or broken during a move so it’s best to spend some time researching the best companies to work with, those that are trustworthy and have great online reviews. You might also have a friend or family member who could recommend somebody to use, at least they will be speaking from first hand experience so they’ll know if the company are worthy of your business or not.

If you’re not planning a full renovation and want to just freshen up the house be smart and effective. The more you touch the more complications you may find. Two things that will surely transform your new home is painting the walls and ceiling if required and changing your flooring.

During any of the above, you must always remember that it is only temporary. Things will be up in the air for a long time and you might be living in mess, falling over boxes and generally just been all over the place until things are totally done. But, it will always be worth it. So hang in there and make sure you always have some milk in the fridge because if all else fails, at least you’ll have a cup of tea to help the situation.

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