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How to Match Your Watch with Your Clothes?

How to Match Your Watch with Your Clothes?

What does it mean to be truly fashionable?

February 10th, 2020

What does it mean to be truly fashionable? For a start, you need to keep up with fashion trends and ensure that your wardrobe has the right stylish clothes and accessories. You also need to understand how to combine these fashion items for the best results.

When it comes to watches, most men find it difficult to match their watches with their clothes. This is important, however, as it will significantly affect the way you look. Do you wish to learn how to match watch with outfit? This brief post can be helpful.

Perfect Watches for Different Attires

We believe you already know that you need different kinds of watches for different occasions and attire. This is why most top manufacturers like Filippo Loreti, have different models for stylish men. Buying a good number of watches from such brands is a good way to start.

Formal Attire

For a formal attire, simplicity is divine. Matching watches with suits can be difficult but the simpler the watch, the better. When you wear a premium watch like the wonderful ones from Filippo Loreti, the timepiece will suit your outfit brilliantly. The Rome Blue Gold watch from Filippo Loreti is a perfect watch for your formal attire. This gorgeous timepiece will make you look smart and classy, while bringing an accent to your whole outfit.

What’s more, formal watches normally have cases that are framed with precious metals like gold, silver, or stainless steel. Such cases work best when you are wearing a black or navy suit. Leather straps are great but make sure the color matches with your formal shoes.

Casual Attire

Some men erroneously assume that anything goes with a casual outfit. It is not that easy to match a casual watch with a casual outfit, though you will enjoy a more relaxed approach. You can match with your trousers or your belt but when in doubt, match the watch with your shoes. The type of watch or movement shouldn’t matter much. In terms of color, it is best when the color of the watch face matches the color of your outfit. For jean, a worn-in leather strap will be great.

In case you need the perfect watch for your casual attire, the Legio Raider Mesh watch from Filippo Loreti remains the ideal option.

Festive Attire

A festive attire should set you apart from the crowd. You also need the sort of watch that can set you apart from everyone else. When attending a cocktail party of any of such events, it is permissible to wear a watch that draws attention. This is the right time to unlock some of your favorite Filippo Loreti watches but make sure they match with your outfit.

What’s more, the Ascari Two Tone Gold Steel Link watch from Filippo Loreti is the ideal timepiece for your festive attire. The watch comes with an exquisite styling and classic lines. Thus, making the Ascari perfectly suited for your events, occasions, and festivals, whether it is during the day or night.

In addition, the color of the metal base of your watch should match with the color of your belt and shoe buckles. Also, the Ascari will match seamlessly with your jewelry and accessories such as rings, cufflinks, trousers and coat adjusters and even buttons.

Matching a Watch with Leather Accents and Shoes

With leather accessories, it is easier to match your watch with your outfit. Your belt and your shoes, therefore, will be helpful when it comes to matching your watch with your clothes and looking great. This will be the case if you are going for a leather watch for any occasion. Most experts will advise that if you are ever in doubt about how to match any outfit with a watch, focus on your shoes and match with your watch.

Any outfit that accepts a black leather belt or black leather shoes will also accept a good watch with black leather strap. This applies to brown leather also. Even when you don’t have an exact color match, ensure that the leather strap of the watch has a similar tone to the other leather accessories you are wearing. The general rule is to never combine black and brown. And while you’re considering your leather shoes for your day, check out this resource on how to care for leather dress shoes for longer use.

The Okeanos Black Steel Link watch from Filippo Loreti will be a perfect match for your black leather belt or black leather shoes.

Likewise, the Legio Maverick Nato watch comes with a black strap to seamlessly match your black leather belt or shoes. Regardless of your choice, you can never go wrong with a Filippo Loreti timepiece.

To look great, you have to wear all your fashion items the right way. This means you must be able to match your watches with your attire perfectly. We have briefly discussed how you can go about it and hope this article helps you dress better as a stylish man.

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