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How to narrow down your nightstand options

How to narrow down your nightstand options

It is fairly inevitable that a nightstand will break down faster than other pieces in your bedroom furniture set.

February 19th, 2022

It is fairly inevitable that a nightstand will break down faster than other pieces in your bedroom furniture set. Everyone finds themselves searching for the perfect nightstands to match their existing furniture.

The problem that most people run into is that there are too many options. Making a choice, any choice becomes more stressful when there are too many options to consider. How do you know you are choosing the right one?

Finding the right nightstand is no different. Every online furniture catalog is filled with options. If you’re not able to get the same nightstand for the matched set you already have, you should start by choosing an online furniture store that you can trust and search just within their catalog. Here are some other ways that you can narrow down your options at https://www.1stopbedrooms.com/bedroom/nightstands online.

What will you use your nightstand for?

Have you really stopped to consider how you would use a new nightstand? If you think about it, you can probably come up with quite a list of things that you don’t like about your current nightstand. There is no need to get the same style again, and getting a new nightstand is the perfect time to get something that will work specifically for you.

Don’t let yourself get hung up on what you use your nightstand for now. Be creative and brainstorm a list of how you would like to use a nightstand if you could have all you wished. Prioritize that list, then search for nightstands that offer those features.

Decide on a style or interior design trend

Getting a new nightstand usually means that you’re not redesigning the entire bedroom. However, you should still consider carefully the style and interior design trends that you want to reflect in the bedroom. You could take advantage of the opportunity to mix and match furniture, bringing a bit of an eclectic or bohemian aesthetic to your bedroom.

You might also want to make your nightstand make a statement, which can be done by choosing a traditional style, a mid-century nightstand in bold colors, or something that brings a more shabby chic feel to the bedroom. Eclectic and bohemian styles are at the top of most interior design lists, so take advantage of the opportunity to add some other eclectic elements to your décor.

Quality matters as much as your budget

In a world of online furniture retailers vying for your business, quality is not as expensive as you might think. And quality does matter – especially in nightstands. After all, you are still reading because you need nightstands, and you don’t want to be here again in another year or two because you bought the cheapest one.

Ideally, you should look for nightstands in the mid-range of prices for the online store. Truthfully, you can get most features that you brainstormed earlier at this budget level if you are willing to sacrifice other features or design elements.

When you are looking at the nightstand with drawers, make sure that it has a quality drawer construction with thicker wood and a tongue and groove construction less likely to break down underweight.



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