Staying organised on a trip is hard. There are several things to do and remember. You need to know which documents to carry, what to pack and your flight arrangements. You also have to be ready for your presentation or meeting. All these can be overwhelming, and you may end up forgetting something important. While there is nothing you can do concerning flight delays, you can make your trip less stressful.

Write To-Do Lists

Mentally juggling everything you intend to do is overwhelming. You will get a headache trying to figure out which documents you need, and what to pack. Write down a list of the essentials you need to pack, must-have papers and flight details. Don’t forget to write down a schedule for the day. Having a daily to-do list keeps you organised. You won’t waste time deciding what to do. Lists are also essential in establishing a routine. A well-structured day makes even the most complicated trip simple.

Organise Your Essentials

Unlike personal travel where you can be all set with a backpack, business trips require preparation. What makes the trip complex is the items you need to carry. Apart from your phone, you must have a laptop, business cards and other essential documents. To ensure you don’t forget anything, keep all your business essentials in one place. Preferably, have a separate bag for the items. You can also store travel documents on a mobile app for convenience.

Confirm Your Flight and Accommodation

Imagine rushing to the airport only to find out your flight was delayed. It can be very inconvenient when business flights are disrupted. Therefore, you need to check regularly for flight updates so you can inform your clients of the time changes so that they can adjust their schedules. When buying a ticket, ensure you have the option of changing your return date if necessary. Booking a hotel before arriving at your destination also makes your trip more comfortable.

Organise Local Transportation

When planning your trip, don’t forget to find a means of transport at your destination.

You can book a Zurich taxi service, rent a car, or opt for shuttle buses. Convenient transport will save you time and help you gain some comfort in your destination. Ensure the local transport you choose guarantees your safety. If you rent a car, you need to have your insurance documents when picking the vehicle.

Manage Your Time

Business trips usually have a tight schedule. Therefore, consider including extra time in your program. You don’t want to be running late to a meeting only to encounter traffic problems. Additional time should also be enough to cover small flight delays and traffic issues. You also need to consider the time difference and business days when organising your schedule. Some countries don’t work on certain days and work longer or shorter hours.

Check the Baggage and Hand Luggage Restrictions

It is pretty convenient to travel with hand luggage only. However, if you must carry a suitcase, confirm beforehand the baggage weight restrictions. The weight of your luggage should adhere to the set restrictions of your destination. Your hand baggage also has restrictions which you should keep in mind to avoid setbacks. It is advisable to carry your travel documents, important contacts, hotel address, and your itinerary. Having some cash in the local currency will also make your trip smooth.

In case of flight disruption or an altercation with the airline, GIVT are here to help you. They are aware of your rights and will ensure you get the best advice when applying for compensation.


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