First dates are always a daunting experience. Most, if not all people experience first date nerves. Our dating anxiety comes from the fear of the unknown and exposure to openness.

The fear of vulnerability causes our bodies to go into a fight or flight mode. First date jitters are often characterized by trembling, sweating, and a racing heart. But feeling nervous before a date is a normal thing.

Whether it’s personal or an online date, first date nerves can ruin the experience. In this article, we give you some tips on how to feel confident on the first date. Get rid of your first date jitters with these few tips.

No matter how many first dates you have been on, having frayed nerves before meeting someone you like for the first time happens to the best of us. You may feel as if these meetings are all or nothing affairs or that you need to be on your best behavior on a date to find a wife.

But we often ruin the moments by overthinking things. Many would argue that they prefer first dates where their partners are natural, instead of following a script to impress them; after all, we go on dates to get to know other people more.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

A huge mistake that many of us are inclined to make is immediately ignoring everyone else in the world once we have a date set up with someone we’re interested in. We stop going out, we stop talking to other singles, and we focus all of our energies, hopes, and dreams on one person.

This creates a huge amount of pressure and anxiety to ensure that the date goes well and we don’t blow our chances. How can anyone be calm, cool, and collected in a situation like that? They can’t!

The solution is to avoid changing your routine and keep trying to meet new people even when you have a date setup with someone you’re really interested in. Keep using dating apps, if you haven’t found one you like look at reviews of those that are most popular like this one where Beyond Ages shares their POV on if WellHello is legit and worth trying.

However it is that you’ve been meeting people keep doing it! The more you can make dating a normal part of your life that doesn’t peak your anxiety the better the dates will go.

Plan a Comfortable Date

If you’re experiencing first date nerves, relieve your anxiety by taking control. Plan a date that you feel comfortable doing. Selecting the location can set the tone for the rest of the date.

Choose a neutral and low-pressure activity so you can focus more on getting to know each other. This allows you to determine if you and your date connect and whether or not to expect a second date. Setting a low-pressure venue and activity enables you to relax and enjoy the date.

It’s essential to meet in a neutral and public place if you met your date online. Some date ideas include meeting in a coffee shop or a restaurant. Choose a location that allows both parties to arrive and leave separately.

If you’re anxious about your date, let someone know. Inform a friend of your location and the name of your date. Let them know when you’ll be back.

Dress for the Occasion

Wear the appropriate outfit for your date. Wear something that you’re comfortable in but also makes you feel confident. Studies show that red is an effective color for your first date outfit.

Red can make you feel powerful, beautiful, and self-assured. The color red works for men too! Reports show that men find women in red more attractive and desirable.

If you prefer to wear a less bold color, consider wearing black. Many consider black as a safe color, and many also observe black to be a common color choice. Dressing in the way you want to feel is also a great way to plan for a first date outfit.

High heels are often associated with femininity and sex appeal thanks to pop culture. When it comes to makeup, less is more. Consider going bare-faced or wear a natural makeup look.

Throw in Some Self Care

If you’re feeling first date nerves, let yourself relax by pampering yourself before the date. A good self-care routine can help you ease your nerves while preparing for the date. Showering yourself in self-love gives you the time to collect your thoughts.

Give yourself enough time to relax and pamper yourself before the first date. Make sure that you don’t end up rushing to prepare. Giving yourself plenty of time allows you to meet your date with confidence. Use products that you enjoy. Use your favorite scrub to exfoliate your skin.

Moisturize well before leaving for your date. Feeling good is as important as looking good. The smell is a powerful tool and using perfume can make you more attractive.

Looking for a good first date perfume? Check out Gucci Envy.

Hit the Gym

If you’re still feeling the first date jitters, shake it off by hitting the gym. Working out encourages the production of endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals in the brain related to happiness.

Your brain releases endorphins when you laugh, or after periods of heavy physical stress. Physical activity can help you distract yourself from your anxiety. The endorphins from working out can give you a confidence boost if you don’t feel like yourself.

Lifting weights is a good exercise for anxiety. Generally, exercise can give you several emotional benefits. Regular exercise can alleviate tension, boost your mood, improve sleep, and self-esteem.

Exercise can get your blood flow going and keep you alert and awake for the first date. Consider a heavy workout session or a short run before your date. Give yourself enough time to shower after!

Reset Your Expectations

First date nerves often come from unrealistic expectations. Many people end up wasting time and energy trying to impress the other person. If you’re going on a first date, consider resetting your expectations.

Have realistic expectations when going into your first date. Be yourself and focus on having fun. Having the wrong mindset can set unrealistic expectations and make you feel disappointed.

The first date is almost always awkward. Either you or your date can mess up, so don’t be afraid of making mistakes. If you’re scared of trailing off in the conversation, go with the flow.

Unhealthy expectations often end up with bad dates and experiences. Remember that you’re looking for a partner and not someone to show off on social media. Try not to focus on the expected outcome of the date and live in the moment.

Prepare for Conversation

If you’re awkward in social situations, prepare for conversation before your date. Keep a list of things to talk about to avoid silent pauses. Don’t expect your date to lead the entire conversation.

Consider catching up on current events before your date. Talking about current events gives you an interesting topic to talk about. Talking about recent news can form interesting conversations and gives you the chance to learn about your date.

Don’t be afraid to talk about yourself and tell stories. You can share stories from your childhood and discover new insights about each other.

Talk about your ambitions. Talking about one’s hopes and dreams is a great way to get to know someone more intimately. Your goals do not always have to concern your career.

If you’re going on a non-food date, consider talking about your favorite dishes. This helps you prepare for a second date if everything goes well.

Be Interested in Your Date

Many forget that not everything is about them on the first date. Asking open-ended questions gives your date the opportunity to talk about themselves. Be sure to listen and pay attention to your date.

Good listening skills can leave a first good impression on your date. Showing interest in your date’s answers and stories can keep the conversation going. Focusing on your date’s words can help you relieve some anxiety by taking focus away from yourself.

Pay attention to your body language when talking to your date. Keep an open posture and be attentive to your date. Small gestures and cues like nodding can encourage your date to keep talking.

Your date may feel the same first date jitters as you do. Encourage them by asking questions and by being an active listener.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you’re feeling nervous before a date, consider practicing before you leave. Many public speakers practice in front of a mirror before speaking in front of an audience. Consider giving yourself a pep talk before leaving for your date.

Practice your lines and your conversation starters. If you have bad dating experience, try to learn from the past. Find the common denominator from your bad past dates.

Ask yourself if there’s anything you can do to improve it. If there’s anything that indicates you, try to focus on self-improvement. If you often feel nervous during dates, remember that practice can make perfect.

Allow yourself to go out more. Let yourself meet new people, regardless if it’s a date or a night out with friends. Meeting new people can help you ease any social anxiety and make you more confident.

Keep an Open Mind

Having a realistic expectation can help you enjoy a good first date. One important thing to keep in mind is that you don’t need to be a perfect match to be compatible. You and your date can still enjoy each other’s company if you have different interests.

The person you date may not always be your type. It’s normal to have a preference for dating. But limiting yourself to a single type can prevent you from finding a good partner.

On the first date, avoid trying to over impress your date. Be true to yourself and with your date. Saying what you mean is good practice for effective conversation.

Your date’s ideal may not always align with yours. Even if you disagree, always prioritize respect. Consider your date’s thoughts and feelings before you say or do something.

Beat First Date Nerves With These Tips!

Are you experiencing first date nerves? Here are some tips on how to feel relaxed on the first date. Try these tips when you feel first date jitters.

First dates are always awkward and nerve-wracking. But remember to be your authentic and best self. Focus on having fun and enjoying yourself.

Of course, overcoming the first date is only the beginning. For further relationship and lifestyle tips, we encourage you to continue going over our other guides today!


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