How to Pick a Necklace to Complete Your Ensemble

Whether you're picking out a necklace for a night on the town or you're digging out the family pearls for an important business function, the right jewelry can make [...]

Whether you’re picking out a necklace for a night on the town or you’re digging out the family pearls for an important business function, the right jewelry can make or break your outfit. Do you pick a shorter necklace to go with a crew neck tee? Or, do you pick a simple gold necklace that draws attention to your collar? 

Luckily, once you’ve mastered some of the basics, it’s easy to pair your favorite necklace with any outfit. Here’s what you need to know about using jewelry to complete any outfit. 

Pair a mid-length silver necklace with a turtleneck for a classic look. 


The oft-maligned turtleneck deserves a public apology. After all, what did turtlenecks do to any of us besides elongate our necks and highlight our shoulders? Well, unless you’re talking about certain vintage styles that haven’t aged quite as well. 

Those exclusions aside, it’s easy to pair necklaces and turtlenecks together, especially if you combine a whimsical necklace with your ensemble. Choose a silver necklace with plenty of gemstones (like emeralds or rubies) to pair with a classic black turtleneck sheath dress to make a major fashion statement. 

When your neck is covered, whether it’s with a scarf or turtleneck, you can use your jewelry to give your body some extra length. It’s a fun fashion hack that can draw attention to your collar, elongate your body, and give you some fashion credibility. 

Chokers and sweetheart necklines go hand-in-hand. 

Whether you’re getting ready to go dancing or you’re prepping for a special date night, chokers with pendants work incredibly well with sweetheart necklines for a fun, flirty look. When you’re picking out any accessories that have pendants, you want to make sure it’s nothing too flashy, especially if it’s on a choker. Plus, while pendant necklaces are great, you shouldn’t have any oversize pendants covering up your neck. 

Chokers often seem like an intimidating necklace option, but they’re straightforward to pull off if you know what you’re doing. However, if you have a shorter neck, be patient. It may take some time to find a choker that elongates your neckline rather than making it look smaller. It doesn’t help look for some style inspiration while you wait—it can help you find some other ideas to try. 

Choose a shorter necklace for a scoop-neck blouse. 


The scoop-neck blouse is always a popular choice for a warm, summery day. Plus, this wardrobe staple is easy to spruce up with your favorite jewels, accessories, and add-ons. If you want the perfect match for a scoop-neck blouse, you may want to consider something with a shorter length. 

A shorter necklace complements the wider neckline and works to accentuate your collarbones. Plus, since this combo is great for warmer weather, don’t be afraid to experiment with fun colors, textures, and patterns. It’ll help create an outfit pairing that really works. 

Stay true to your style. 

Contrary to what the fashion elite might have you believe, there’s no right or wrong way to express your style. Whether you’re breaking out the heirloom pearls or you’re about to click the checkout button on a new designer accessory, your style should make you happy. It’s when it doesn’t that you might be doing something wrong. 

So with that in mind, if you want to wear pearls to brunch, go for it. If you think a chunky statement necklace helps draw focus to your favorite features, wear it as much as you can. Got a special necklace as a gift from your significant other? Pair that piece of jewelry with every single outfit you can find. Fashion is meant to be fun, so have fun with it.

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