You’ll have some of the most impressive locales at your fingertips when you choose New York City for your pending nuptials. New York is fourth out of fifty-one states in weddings held. Couples from all over the world made their special day more memorable by choosing New York City not only for their ceremony and reception but also as their honeymoon destination. When selecting this option, you can save tons of money, too, on airfare and other travel costs.

Start Planning Early

Before you begin the planning process, familiarize yourself with the mother rule of them all, and that is to start planning early! I’m sure you’ve had a girlfriend or two with a dream wedding book jam-packed for a decade. Some event planning experts suggest starting the rough draft guest list soon after the engagement announcement. A rough draft gives you a general idea of the size venue you’ll need. Most experts agree, but add planning should depend on how long you and your fiance agreed the engagement period should last.


After discussing a general idea for style and budget with the groom-to-be look for venues that fit the bill, literally. It’s okay if you are on a strict allocation; most couples are unless you have a money tree in your backyard. As with anything, being on a budget means a small limitation on location choices, but in no way means you have to sacrifice. It’s all the more important to set out early to pin down your venue. We checked a few venues for you, and the consensus for booking a location is a year out from your event.

The Best Waterfront Wedding Venues NY

Your venue and ceremony should flow as one theme and aesthetics should parallel your style as it says a lot about you as a couple. Select a primary theme, for example, rustic or nautical, then sprinkle in bits of your favorite things. These preferences can be favorite colors, fashion sense, home decor, activities you love doing together, favorite flowers, and much more. Even if you’ve hired a wedding planner, these are still choices you’ll have to make.

Waterfront wedding reception venues range from industrial warehouse-style to traditional hotel-style digs draped in exquisite chandeliers. If you want the best, New York has a lot of great venues to choose from. Up and down the waterway across two states will give a bride a ton of options with views. A couple of points you’ll want to address is if your ceremony will be inside or outside and how convenient will your locale be for guests to access. If you choose an outside wedding style, have a rain option that is easy to go from outside to inside with minimum adjustments for inclement weather.

Imagine how exhilarating it would be to exchange vows high atop the city in a rooftop ceremony with a view of the Hudson. Dazzle guests with a yacht for an on-the-water celebration or an elegant twelve-floor open-air venue with views in the round of the iconic Empire State Building, Hudson River, and Manhattan.

Plan for Sunset Photos!

Bonus: Waterfront wedding venues in NY offer spectacular views for wedding photo opportunities. Do you see sunset or mid-afternoon photos? Do you have in mind an industrial feel to your pictures or elegant? Do you want a photo of your gown flowing over sand or a dock? Do you see a water backdrop or a skyline backdrop in your photos?


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