Road trips can be exciting, and it can be a dream come true if one gets the chance to enjoy a road trip in the US. Almost everyone has a dream to drive across the sprawling wonder of the United States of America and cover their favourite states or cities. The USA is a huge country, and it is indeed impossible to cover it in a single road trip. It is made of 48 contiguous states and dotted with major national landmarks, national parks, historic sites, and monuments. One will have to make several road trips to cover the major cities and sites of the country.

Taking a road trip is indeed the best way to know the country you are visiting and its people. However, road trips can be exhausting too if not planned carefully. Here are some useful and practical tips to steer you in the right direction.

  • Decide where and when do you want to go – the USA offers many choices and options for making road trips and each seems more exciting than the other. Hence, you can make decisions based on when and where you would prefer to go. Some of the most famous road trip options include Pacific Coast Highway, Overseas Highway, Columbia River Scenic Highway, Historic Route 66 and Skyline Drive.
  • Plan and make a budget – Based on how long the trip would take, you should start planning. You have to have money for the gas, food, hotels, or apartment rentals along the way. Keep extra funds for any emergency and whenever short of cash, you can rely on for some instant cash.
  • Get the car completely checked – Before you hit the road, make sure that the vehicle, whether it is your own or rented, is fit to drive. Get a licensed mechanic to give an overall inspection to the car and make sure that there are no problems. Update any papers and documents related to the car and carry your driving license.
  • Get hard copies of maps, directions, and brochures – It is always a good idea to have hard copies of the road trip you are about to cover. We are in the digital age, but you never know when you might face a phone emergency. Thus, hard copies are always a great backup even if you have a GPS in your smartphone or car.
  • Contact Automobile Club Of America – It is a good idea to join Automobile Club of America for not just roadside assistance, but the AAA also serves as a wonderful resource for travelers. They can help you out with your decisions on the trips and which roads to take or avoid. You can get useful guidance with routes and general planning.
  • Make a list – Create a checklist for all the essential equipment and devices you would need for your road trip. Apart from some lose cash and credit card, you should carry food items and first aid kit. Other accessories include a travel pillow, water bottle, travel mug, ice box, and toiletries. Always carry a Swiss Army Knife as it serves as a handy tool on the road.
  • Get hotel reservations done – It is better to have all those reservations done ahead of time as you can now enjoy a peace of mind. You can be sure that you have a place to stay and get some rest. Imagine arriving tired at the end of the day after being on the road and to find that the hotel or hostel is booked.
  • Take breaks and stop frequently- Road trips are all about fun and getting connected with yourself and nature. So, enjoy every moment of it and stop every couple of hours, especially if you are traveling with family and kids. Give your family the freedom they want, and you need not spend every minute together.

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