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How To Plan The Perfect Wedding Day

How To Plan The Perfect Wedding Day

Your wedding is the best time to show everyone who you are as a couple.

April 18th, 2019

Your wedding is the best time to show everyone who you are as a couple. Whether you want to have the reception in your backyard, or in the most luxurious hotel in town, whichever you choose to create your day is up to you. There will always be certain undeniable things you should do so that the day stands out as special in some way.

So, if you are planning an elopement on the spur of the moment, or an elaborate black tie formal occasion for 500 guests, here is a list of things to organize for your big day.

Guest List (or not)

Choosing who gets to attend your wedding is a fairly complicated business. It should be guided by how many people you wish to invite. If you decide on close friends and family, the emphasis in on the word “close” not the friends and family part. If a relative is insisting that a remotely connected cousin whom you haven’t seen for many years is invited, just send them a text with the word “close” highlighted in bold font.


No matter what kind of functionality you have chosen to have for your wedding, it still needs a venue. This can range from your front room for the service and the backyard for a post-nuptial barbecue, or the ballroom at the five-star hotel of your dreams. Check your ideal venue for availability before you start to get excited about it.


Regardless of if your wedding is going to be ultra-casual or a mega-blowout, you will need to hire a professional photographer to document it for you. If you plan on doing engagement photos, this is actually a good time to find a photographer you can interact happily. If you are looking for the perfect wedding photographer in Cincinnati, Sarah Beth Sutter comes highly recommended.

Have a sit down with your photographer before the big day and discuss what you have in mind for a backdrop, theme, or tone. Remember, you are working together as a team to get precious memories forever treasured in an album and USB, so choose your photographer wisely.


It was standard practice in the past to use caterers for your reception, but caterers are not always the viable option. If you are planning on a front room wedding/backyard barbecue style reception, you should concentrate on finding the best butcher in your area, or hiring an outside spit roaster.

Receptions are more about the perfect blend of drinks and food rather than the star-rating of the caterers. If you are going for a formal affair with a sit-down meal with individual courses catered for everyone, remember to include meals for the people you have hired for the day as well.

Going green is a popular wedding theme choice for many couples getting married in 2019. Planters and take home herb pots instead of flowers. Ultimately, your wedding is a chance to express your love for each other to the whole world, no matter how you choose to do it.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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