How to Plan the Ultimate Girl’s Night In

Few evenings are more enjoyable than a girls’ night in. It provides an opportunity to laugh, dance, cry and chat, which can strengthen your friendships. If you are wanting to enjoy some quality time with your best friends, find out how to plan the ultimate girls’ night in.

Create a WhatsApp/Facebook Group

Increase excitement ahead of girls’ night by creating a Facebook or WhatsApp group so everyone can talk about it together. You can guarantee people will need to know what time to come, what to bring and what to wear, so creating a group will allow people to answer everyone’s questions in one quick swoop.

Decide on the Venue

Have you been planning a girls’ night but have failed to make it official? Use the group you have created to plan the evening in and where it will take place. One friend might be more eager to host than the other, so secure a venue so you can all look forward to having a little fun together.

Choose a Theme

You don’t have to pick a theme, but it might add a little fun to the night. For example, you could have a movie theme, and you can each pick your favourite films, which could range from Pretty Woman to Die Hard. You could even have movie-themed snacks, such as popcorn and M&Ms.

Throw a Pamper Party

Busy careers, hectic social lives and family responsibilities can often prevent girls from having a little fun and spoiling themselves. Give yourselves a well-earned break by throwing a luxurious pamper party. You can all wear face masks, try different moisturisers, give each other makeovers and try various beauty products. It’s the ultimate way to spoil yourselves in between a demanding home or professional life.

Hire Entertainment

Give the girls the best surprise of the night by hiring fantastic entertainment that will make them smile from ear to ear. For example, you can hire Newcastle strippers that will delight your friends. You could even hire topless waiters to serve you drinks throughout the evening. It’s one girls’ night they certainly will never forget.

Buy Drinks and Snacks

No girls’ night is complete without plenty of food and drink to choose from. The evening will provide the perfect opportunity to indulge in a little of what they fancy, and a glass or four of wine, gin or champagne will be well received, so stock up on snacks and drinks to ensure the night doesn’t stand out in your friends’ minds for all the wrong reasons.

Cook Together

Enjoy a little bonding time by cooking with your friends. You can guarantee the girls will have signature dishes they will be more than happy to cook in the kitchen, which could be as simple as cheesy nachos and dip to a roast dinner. So, you can either create lots of little finger food in the kitchen, or can cook a feast and sit around the table together to enjoy delicious dishes.

Make Cocktails

Who doesn’t love a cocktail? That’s why they are easily one of the best things you can make for a girls’ night in. Ask your friends to bring a bottle of alcohol each, and buy different mixers, so you can create classic or new concoctions that will linger on their tongue all night long.

Set Ground Rules

The thought of rules on a girls’ night in might seem like a mood killer, but it could improve the evening. There is bound to be one friend who is attached to her phone, so make it a phone-free party, so you can have their full attention. You can also veto specific topics, such as talking about ex-boyfriends. It could be the difference between a good or bad evening.

Create a Playlist

Create a playlist to set the soundtrack for your night. Incorporate upbeat songs, classic tunes and your friends’ favourite artists or bands, which will create a fun atmosphere that will make your friends glad they came to the girls’ night.

Play a Game

Once the drinks are flowing and the music is playing, pull out some fun games that will have your friends laughing uncontrollably. For instance, you can all get up on your feet to play a game of Twister or you can put your knowledge to the test with a round of Trivial Pursuit. If time isn’t a problem, you could always play a game of Monopoly – but you can trust there will be one competitive friend who will happily flip the board if things don’t go their way.

Take Photographs

Retain your girls’ night memories by taking plenty of photos throughout the night, which you can share once the evening has come to an end. Take snaps of your friends wearing face masks, crying with laughter or a selfie of you all in the same room. You can guarantee they will become a treasured possession.

Prepare Guest Beds

If you have enough space within the home, prepare guest beds so your friends will have a place to sleep once the girls’ night has come to an end. While some may choose to return home to their partners and/or children, others might be more than happy to stay in your guest bed. So, ensure you have plenty of pillows and fresh bedding for friends who might want to stay over for the night – as you can guarantee there will be one friend who has one cocktail too many.

Tidy Throughout the Night

The last thing you will want to do is wake up to endless dishes, wine glasses and rubbish after the girls’ night. Tidying as you go will take just a few seconds out of your night at a time, but could make a big difference in the morning. It will also allow you to lead by example, because your friends will take the time to place their rubbish in the bin or glasses in the kitchen if they see you doing the same.

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