Here at House of Coco we love an excuse for a good old knees up and what better than at a wedding. We tend to be the bridesmaid and never the bride but we’ve pulled together the top 5 tips on how to plan the ultimate wedding day without breaking the bank.

1 – Start planning early

Even if your wedding is a couple of years away, it’s best to start the planning process early. First things first, decide on the budget and be strict. It’s so easy to get carried away, especially if you turn in to Bridezilla and want the ultimate designer dress that costs more than your first car. But if you set a budget at the beginning, make a list of everything you need and divide the costs up accordingly, it’ll certainly decrease your chances of burnout and planned divorce before you’ve even made it down the aisle.

2 – Be selective with the guest list

Remember this is your wedding, not your mother-in-laws, so when she wants to invite Deidre that she had a cuppa with circa 1999, be strict. The cost per head will set you back quite a large portion of your budget so you need to lock this down early so that you can focus on finding a venue to host everyone.

3 – Pick your best girls

Your bridesmaids should be your support network so choose wisely. Choose your closest friends, sisters, family members and people that you know will have your back.

4 – Book the best photographer that you can

This is where you have to choose wisely as it’s one of the biggest decisions you will make because there is nothing more priceless than capturing the memories on the day. Do your research and find someone who totally gets what you want.

5 – Give the Groom his own responsibilities

Now it’s unlikely that he created a wedding day vision board at the age of 5 , but he will definitely have his own opinions and it is his day too, after all. Most men like to get involved and help with the DJ, menu and most importantly, keeping his beady eye on the budget tracker.

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