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How To Power A Car Subwoofer At Home?

How To Power A Car Subwoofer At Home?

This might sound absurd, but it's a reality that most of the folks like their car audio system more than their home audio system.

October 31st, 2020

This might sound absurd, but it’s a reality that most of the folks like their car audio system more than their home audio system. And most of the subwoofers meant for the cars are capable of providing better quality audio than the one meant for a home theater. That’s the reason, many people want to use their car subwoofers for home audio systems. If you are one of them and want to use your car subwoofer at your home, go ahead.

But wait, there is a little problem that you have to tackle before using your car subwoofer at home and if you don’t solve it, your car subwoofers are not going to work for your home sound system. Let’s see what’s the problem and how you can solve it.

What’s The Problem In Using A Car Subwoofer At Home?

Most of the car subwoofers are designed to work at 12volts that is too low as compared to the power supply in your house sockets. Your household outlet provides 120volts AC, which is too much as compared to 12volts that your car subwoofer needs. Your car subwoofers can explode if you plug them in the household outlet directly.

So, you need DC power to lower the power and to make your car subwoofer work at home.

Powering The Car Subwoofers At Home

Here is the solution to your problem. Powering a car subwoofer is not a too difficult task, but you need some hardworking to make it work. Follow these simple steps to make your car woofers power at home.

1- Getting A Power Inverter

The first step is to purchase a power inverter. A power inverter converts the high current in your household outlet (120volts) into the desired current (12volts) that your woofer requires to work. It has two plugs. One for your subwoofer and the other for the outlet. You need to buy the power inverter first, but plugging the power inverter is not the last step.

2- Connecting The Car Subwoofer To A Car Amplifier

In the next step, you need to connect your woofers to your car amplifier. You need 12 or 16 gauge speaker wires for this connection depending on the specification of your woofers. Read this article to see what kind of speaker wires you need.

Now connect the wires to the brackets of the appliances. Strip the wire and twist the red wire with the red one and the darker wire with the darker one for a safe connection.

3- Connecting The Car Amplifier To The Home Amplifier

When your subwoofer and car amplifier is securely connected, comes the step of connecting the car amplifier with the main amplifier of your home sound system.

For this purpose, connect the input terminal of your car’s subwoofer amplifier with the output terminal of your main amplifier. Don’t forget to connect the red wire with the red one and the white wire with the white one. This step is necessary to make the car subwoofer work with your home sound system.

4- Connecting Other Speakers

After connecting the amplifiers, you have to connect some of the best center speakers to your home sound system. Make sure you connect the extra speakers to the main amplifier of your home sound system not with your car amplifier.

For making a powerful sound system, you need five speakers. Place two of the best outdoor speakers bluetooth on the left side, two on the right side, and one in the center. You also need RCA cables for this connection.

5- Connecting The Power Inverter

Finally, your car subwoofer is going to be a part of your home sound system. Plug your car subwoofer with one plug of the power inverter and connect the second one to the household outlet. Now your car subwoofer is ready to power with your household outlet.


Making a car subwoofer a part of your home sound system needs a lot of care. Any wrong connection can blow your all equipment. Connect all the wires at the right places and secure all the connections correctly. So, if you want to use your car subwoofer for your home, don’t neglect to watch all the connections.

Disadvantage Of Powering Car Subwoofer At Home

The only disadvantage you have to face is that you have to spend a lot on accomplishing this task. Powering a car woofer is an expensive task as you need to purchase a lot of equipment. You might have to spend $40 or more for powering your car subwoofer, while you can buy a home subwoofer for just $50. This sounds a little expensive, but if you are consistent to use your car subwoofer then go ahead.

Final Words

Though powering your car subwoofer at home is a difficult task, but it’s not impossible. You can surely accomplish this task with a little effort. Carefully connect your car subwoofer with your home sound system and enjoy high-quality audio.



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