If you are planning on a having a break from your studies, career or even just life in general back home for 12 months or more, then it is imperative that you put a lot of hard work into preparing for your adventure in the run-up to your departure date. By not putting in the effort required, you would make it likely to face a number of unnecessary troubles throughout your journey. So, ensure you take the advice below and get preparing for your gap year in all the right ways.

Make Sure You’ve Got a Clean Bill of Health

You don’t want ill health stopping you from having the best time ever during your gap year adventure, which is why you need to tend to your wellbeing before you head out on it. To do this, first and foremost, you should go to your doctor with any queries that you may have in regards to your current bill of health, talk to them about any pains that you may have or any symptoms that you may have been suffering recently when you do. By doing so, you will give them the opportunity to tend to and fix whatever is wrong with you, meaning nothing would stand a chance of holding you back during your journey.

Also, you should discuss with them where you plan on going during your gap year, as they may suggest that you take extra precautions that are entirely dependant on your location. For instance, you may be in need of vaccinations that you weren’t aware you needed.

Learn the Language of the Country that You Visit

On your gap year, you will, more than likely, be throwing yourself into a culture that is completely different to your own. To alleviate any struggles that you may have in regards to acclimatising to the new society, you should set about learning the local language of this destination while you are still at home. By learning the language spoken in your adventure’s location, you will make getting around easier. You will give yourself the chance to forge cross-cultural relationships, which will only ever make your experience better. If it’s China that you are heading to, for instance, then get yourself enrolled at the Chinese School London and start learning Mandarin. Whether you chose to become fluent or not, making even just a little bit of effort with the language will benefit you in the long run.

Prepare for Homesickness

Something that is easy to forget but still crucial to prepare for when you are heading out on a gap year is homesickness. Especially if you’ve never been on such an adventure before, at some point during your time away from home you are likely to yearn for a return there, which makes preparing for it essential. To do so, you should ensure that you put communication plans in place with your loved ones back home, whether you need financial advice, to let them know where you are, or just to say hello. If you are heading to a place with a completely different time zone, make sure to arrange a time for you to get into contact with them that is suitable for all involved.

A gap year is a huge deal, which means a massive amount of preparation needs to go into them. So, don’t shirk on your responsibilities and get taking all of the advice above!


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