How to Prepare for University

Many students across the UK are preparing to embark on university life. In addition to broadening their knowledge and skillset with a degree, they may also be planning to move away from home for the first time, which can often be more than a little daunting. We’re therefore providing students with helpful tips on how to prepare for university.

Create a Budget
Before you move away from home, sit down with your parents to create a realistic budget. You must identify the money you will receive each month, such as maintenance loans, employment income or a monetary allowance from your Mum and Dad. Also, determine how much money you will need for travel, food, clothing and books, so you will know how much cash you will have to spare for nights out, personal items and more.

Learn the Basics
Don’t blow your money on expensive takeaways because you don’t know how to cook. Not only will it damage your finances, but it will have a considerable impact on your health. Avoid an unhealthy, expensive diet and learn how the basics in the kitchen. For example, learn how to fry an egg, grill meat and make a casserole. There are also many student-friendly recipes for you to make, which go beyond the standard pack of noodles.

Find Student Accommodation
Don’t settle for tired, unkept student housing to start university life. Nowadays, students can take their pick from a range of fantastic accommodation, which also come with superb facilities that will support student life. For example, you can find luxury student accommodation Durham that not only offers a beautiful living space, but features a fitness suite, sauna and an on-site cinema. Collegiate provide the perfect place to live, study, relax and make new friends.

Find Friends
Before university life begins, we recommend looking for student groups, clubs or events on Facebook, which will allow you to connect with other students before you even attend your first lecture. You can also join a society to mix with students from other courses – and make the most of freshers’ week to make new friends, who could improve your university experience.

Work Hard
It’s important to take university life seriously, as the degree you earn can determine your future success. There will be no teacher to chase you for work or to chastise you for poor attendance. You will be responsible for your commitment and results – and you will only have yourself to blame if you don’t receive your desired qualifications.

Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to your university tutors, either. They are on-hand to provide both support and guidance, so each student will receive the best possible results on a course. If you feel you are slipping back, ask for feedback or help so you can reach your full potential.

Have you got any words of wisdom for budding students? Are you attending university this year? Please share your tips and stories in the below comment section.

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