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How to protect your eyes from the damages of screen light

How to protect your eyes from the damages of screen light

Spending too much time staring at a screen can be really damaging to your eyes.

January 15th, 2020

Spending too much time staring at a screen can be really damaging to your eyes. It can also cause you to be less productive, make you anxious, and worst of all, cause serious eye problems! If you wear glasses or contacts, the first and most crucial tip we can give you is to make sure your prescription glasses are in great condition, if not we suggest you to get one from eyeglasses canada. That means they fit well, have the exact prescription that you need, and are comfortable. If you have an old pair of glasses that are falling apart and do not work as they should, the strain you will be putting on your eyes is immense.

Working in front of a computer screen all day can definitely have its problems. Some of us have even found that we need special glasses, more often due to the strain that our screens put on our eyes. Unfortunately, cutting down on your computer screen time at work may not be viable. If this is the case, one great way you can cut down on the damage that screens have on your eyes is to reduce the amount of time you spend looking at your phone screen.

That is why we have found 5 great tips and tricks to help you to cut down on your screen time.

Sort your applications out

Having a good organise and declutter of your applications is a great way to start. If there are some apps that really drain your time, maybe it is time to delete them. Another trick is to remove these tempting apps from your home screen. When you unlock your phone, try and make it so that only apps that you need for work are on the main page.

A good mind hack is to put the time-wasting apps that you still want to keep into a folder named “Devil Apps” or a similar title, this causes us to have a moment’s pause when we see them. Often this is enough to give us the willpower to put our phone back in our pockets.

Use your new time wisely

If you have decided to cut down, and you have decluttered your phone, you will be pleasantly surprised by how much free time you will suddenly have. An important thing to do now is to use that time productively. Go to the gym, or do some work, by replacing your bad habits with good ones you train your brain into making new neurological pathways.

This means that the urge to check your phone and open an app can be hijacked and transformed into a habit to do some productive work, or have a workout.

No phones in the bedroom

Having access to your phone in your bedroom can lead to some pretty nasty and compulsive phone usage. Scrolling in bed is a terrible habit, one that leads to lower productivity during the day if you do it when you wake up. And the worst night’s sleep if you do it just before bed.

Put it away during socialising

There have been studies that show that by simply having your phone in your eye sight whilst talking to someone, your cognitive function is reduced. This means that just by having your phone on the table during a meal or a date, you effectively make yourself stupider.

It also affects how you make social connections. You lower your feelings of empathy and connection by maintaining a link with the social media world when you are with real people.

If there is one thing you get from this article, I think that is the most important.

Banish your phones when you are out with your friends, families, and loved ones. You will thank us for it later.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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