Whether your yard is big or small, landscaped or wild, maintained and abandoned—your lawn is always a focus. It is usually a central point of your property, taking up the most space, and being the aspect that visitors will notice first. Keeping your lawn in good condition is essential for the health, wellbeing, and appearance of your yard.

There are some things, however, which may prove an unexpected danger to your lawn. No matter what the standards of lawn care are in Colorado, or how they differ from the current garden trends in Idaho, whether you have a rooftop terrace in New York or acres of land in Tennessee, there are a few unexpected surprises which can take your lawn from smooth and manicured to a swampy mess in no time. To help, we have put together a list of some of the most unexpected dangers your garden may face—you may be surprised!

The Dog

Apart from the visible damage your precious pooch may cause, such as attempting to dig to Australia and leaving unwanted gifts around the garden, there is another way in which your dog can cause devastation to your lawn: their diet. As dogs are carnivores, their excrement contains high levels of nitrogen. This works in the same way as applying too much fertilizer to one single spot and will kill the grass.

You can help to prevent this by ensuring your dog gets enough water and switching to canned food. Both options help your pet stay more hydrated to dilute the nitrogen, and therefore reduce damage. You should also make sure the grass is watered regularly, to offset the nitrogen, and use less fertilizer as it will make the problem worse. Plants such as fescue or rye can also help. They can handle the urine and won’t be damaged.

The Kids

Obviously, fresh air and the chance to play in the lawn are great for kids and should be encouraged to help them live active lives. This can have an impact on your lawn, however, particularly if you have garden toys such as slides, climbing frames, or playhouses. Make sure that these items are moved regularly to prevent the grass underneath from dying and turning brown. It is also a good idea to make sure your kids know where it is ok to dig and make a mess, and the off-limits areas; this lets them have a good time while protecting your yard.

The Parties

One of the best aspects of a garden is the parties you can hold, but these can cause damage. For example, regular footfall across a specific route can result in wear and tear, leaving thin or bare patches of grass. To help, transform these into established pathways with shingle or slabs, making access easier and turning it into a feature, not an eyesore. As with children’s toys, move barbeques and garden furniture regularly to prevent brown spots, and make sure there are established spots for people to sit, eat and relax without worrying.


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