Redesigning a bedroom is great fun, but there’s so much to do that staying on track isn’t easy. If you’re not careful, you can get lost in a sea of Pinterest boards and magazines, but thankfully, we’re here to lend a hand.

This article will reveal how to redesign your bedroom from start to finish with professional design tips for a spectacular finish.

Let’s jump right in!

Find your style

First things first, let’s find your style. The easiest way is with an online quiz:

  • Havenly quiz
  • Decorist quiz
  • Modsy quiz
  • BuzzFeed quiz (our favourite)

The BuzzFeed quiz is scarily accurate and doesn’t want an email address. Once you’ve found your style, you can take the next step!

Pick a colour scheme

Although some interior styles call for certain colours (nautical calls for blue and white, farmhouse calls for whites and creams), others like industrial and mid-century modern have more leeway, providing more individualism.

From wall colours and wallpapers to accessories and decor pieces, neutral colors still dominate homes. Monochromatic colors are also safe, classic color options for those who want to keep things uniform. Having a few variations of a color is a foolproof plan for color coordinating and matching your home decor. But you can always go for more experimental and bold colors if that fits your personality and preferences better.

If you have the opportunity to pick a unique colour scheme, do it! Pastel colours are always in fashion, and beiges and greys are classy choices.

Pick a feature colour

A feature colour is the brightest colour in your bedroom, used sparingly to draw the eye and build a sense of rhythm (the sense of movement within a space).

For example, yellow cushions on your bed might draw a person’s eye immediately. Most people will be drawn to the next thing yellow, so you can manipulate how people view your bedroom, which is useful for highlighting focal points.

Pictured: Bedroom Fetaure Wall, Classic floral wallpaper will return to bedrooms in 2022. With modern pastel shades with contemporary style.

Find your bed

The bed is always the focal point in bedrooms because it establishes your style and draws the eye. Beds are available in an unlimited range of styles, from contemporary metal beds to classic wooden beds and ottoman beds with built-in storage.

What you want is a bed that matches your interior design style. For instance, a bed made from wood and metal is ideal for an urban-modern theme.

Invest in quality bedding

Bedding made from 100% organic cotton is eco-friendly, recyclable, and durable, giving you years of use. Polycotton is a cheaper option that’s even more durable but not quite as soft as 100% cotton. Polyester is even cheaper still.

Your bedding should match your colour scheme or your feature colour. Use a bed throw and cushions to build up layers of texture.

Think about storage

Storage addresses the functional needs of your bedroom, yet it’s one of the most overlooked aspects of bedroom design. Where will you put your dressing gown? Where will your shoes go? What about dirty laundry?

First up, get a laundry basket, then think about everything else. Ottoman beds are a good choice (these have a lift-up base) for bedding and shoes, or you can get a bed with storage drawers. Stackable plastic storage boxes are always useful.

Renew or replace out of place furniture

If some of your bedroom furniture doesn’t match your new style, you can renew it by painting it differently. Most surfaces can be painted to a high standard, and if you use a spray painting gun, you’ll get a professional finish.

If renewing isn’t possible, replace your bedroom furniture with furniture that matches your bed to create a cohesive design theme.

Use symmetry to balance your design

Pictured: The Pillow Effect, You can also achieve symmetry through the position of your pillows, so try to add pairs of matching pillows for a good sense of order

One of the mistakes people make when redesigning a bedroom is neglecting symmetry, which creates balance (the sense of calmness in a space).

Symmetry means two or more elements in a room are equally balanced. For example, two bedside tables of the same height are symmetrical, and three cushions are arranged so that the middle cushion is the biggest creates symmetry.

Play with contrasting textures

Textures play an important role in interior design because, without them, spaces look flat. Add layers of texture with rugs, heavy fabrics, throws, sheer curtains, painted and collaged art, sculptures, and natural materials.

You should also use contrasting textures to build layers. Rough and smooth, shiny and matte, shaggy and flat, fuzzy and silky – these contrasting texture combinations create layers of depth that will give your bedroom a unique vibe.


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