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How to Relieve Anxiety Related Insomnia

How to Relieve Anxiety Related Insomnia

Anxiety related insomnia affects many people around the world. Instead of sleeping and recovering, they lie awake for hours, tossing and wondering why they cannot get some rest.

September 6th, 2018

Anxiety related insomnia affects many people around the world. Instead of sleeping and recovering, they lie awake for hours, tossing and wondering why they cannot get some rest. This not only leads to fatigue the next day but can also trigger other mental and physical illnesses.

Those who resort to sleeping pills in this situation may solve the problem at short notice, but in the long term, they run the risk of dependence. Luckily much of these symptoms of anxiety and insomnia can be relieved with the following helpful ways.

Have Regular Massages

Periodic massage therapy for 2-3 times a week can help reduce anxiety thereby improve sleep at night. The self-massage of your joints and muscle can also contribute to a natural relief against any feelings of stress. If you prefer, you can visit a professional massage therapist who can provide you with a good deep body massage; this can really aid with controlling any bodily sensations that trigger those feelings of anxiety.

Practice Mindful Meditation

Paying attention to your mind and having a deep reflection of naturally occurring situations can help to balance your body and make you more mindful of situations that are susceptible to stress. This helps offload anxiety and worries in the mind thereby leading to better sleep at night. You can even use mindfulness apps or adopt other relaxation practices such as going for a walk or visiting a natural vegetative garden can also help tune your body to such a mindful state.

Improve Your Diet

Diet can both positively or negatively affect your state of mind. Focusing on a good ‘sleep diet’ can be one way by which insomnia can be reduced. The content of the foods you take during the day and before sleep is a driving mechanism that ascertains what your sleep quality will be like. Foods such as bananas, soybeans, cashew, and walnuts have been found to aid with aid.

Also, foods high in minerals such as magnesium potassium can also help with reducing anxiety by sending calm sensations through the body. Whole grain rice, spinach, avocado, and fish are an example of such foods which have been found to act as a muscle relaxant that can help to increase sleeping time.

Use Natural Remedies

The use of sleeping pills may not always be the best resort in the remedy of anxiety and insomnia because of the side effects and addiction to such medicines. Due to the physiological state of the human body, engaging in the use of a series of natural remedies may help improve and relieve anxiety and insomnia.

Such remedies include Cannabidiol Oil, which is also known as (CBD) oil. It is an extract from cannabis which has been proven to be a natural remedy for anxiety and insomnia. The National Institute on Drug Abuse has carried further research on the use of CBD oil on individuals having an increased level of anxiety. The proven result from victims showed that the level of anxiety after taking a dose of CBD oil was greatly reduced. Here is more info on the benefits of CBD.

Eat More Nuts

Almonds and brazil nuts are commonly consumed by people living with insomnia.They have both been proven to improve the quality of sleep and may help reduce anxiety. The almond extract contains a high amount of magnesium and calcium which are the two most important minerals needed to improve sleeping time and its quality.

Practice Yoga

The use of yoga therapy to induce sleep for individuals has not only been helpful but gives a deep relaxing mood for mental and emotional anxiety. Yoga exercise has many health benefits as it is extensively built on different poses that act as links to different movement patterns. The initiation of this slow movement of the body has been proven to help improve sleep at night. There are various different types of yoga poses that have been found to contribute to relieving from insomnia cases. These include poses like Shavasana, Uttanasana, and Marjariasana; these poses have been one useful way by which individuals can develop for extra relief.

When engaging with such poses, they also help with controlling your breath, as well as relieving every single part of your body, from muscles and bones.

Take More Fish Oil

Fish oil from salmon and krill contain very high levels of omega-3-fatty acid. An increase of this essential fatty acid may also help improve the quality of sleep for people living with insomnia. Other fishes like sardines and tuna also contain a high level of omega-3-fatty acid, although not as high as the former.

Avoid Caffeine-Related Foods And drinks

Drinking too much caffeine has many negative health risks and has also been proven to inhibit sleep in individuals consuming them. Drinks like coffee, Coca-Cola and high sugar or energy drinks contain a large amount of caffeine which depresses the hormone in the body that induces sleep. Caffeine which is generally categorized as a stimulant is not really of great importance to our diet, so should be reduced as much as possible if an improved quality of sleep is what you are after.

Avoid Sleeping With Lights On

Lights from screens like T.V and bulbs emit rays that disrupt sleep and cause discomfort. This is because such rays lead to a reduction in the production of melatonin, which is the most important sleep hormone in the body. It is advisable, therefore, to reduce the exposure to such rays thereby increasing the quality of your sleep and preventing insomnia.


People falling prey to anxiety-related insomnia may often be advised by a medical professional to engage in regular exercise and sports. Regular exercise has been one helpful health remedy to relieve insomnia thereby improve sleeping time for individuals. Studies have shown that individuals subjected to exercise like walking a lengthy distance, jogging, cycling, or any form of moderate-intensity workout routine tend to have better sleep at night.

Increasing the level of exercise during the day not only improves the quality of sleep at night but also indirectly helps for cardiac health and control stress at night. Exercise can be one long-term remedy for individuals having a chronic form of insomnia because it can take a long time for such a person to adjust to get a comfortable sleeping time at night. But science has proven that persistent exercise for 4-5 times a week can correct such anomaly.

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