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How to select measure and knot your macramé cords

How to select measure and knot your macramé cords

Macramé cords are instrumental pieces in the life of a knitter.

July 1st, 2021

Macramé cords are instrumental pieces in the life of a knitter. With the right styling and design, a professional could make wide range of patterns from the cords they have. To however achieve the aesthetic effect as desired, one must be careful with how they approach the entire procedure. From where so you buy macrame cord Australia? How many macramé patterns do you know and most importantly do you know the intricate details of knotting? Experts understand that when a design is either very tight or loose in its knots may not be as catchy to the eye as it should be. Here are some factors to help you prepare for the perfect knotting experience with your cords.

Find The Correct Thickness

To run out of code when knotting can be disruptive to your project and besides bring you to a standstill. You should know not just the correct length of the macramé cord to purchase but best yet the thickness level of the cord to go for. This is important because as you will later find out that the thicker the cord the more the length that is needed for the same. Since different people vary in their preferred designs, you should also buy longer cord if the pattern you are pursuing has many knots. You can however interchange the types of cords that you use for your project provided they are in the recommended amount, diameter and even flexibility.

Thicker Codes Result In Fewer Knots

There are guidelines on the type of cords you should purchase depending on the design and pattern you are pursuing, there are however numerous people who choose to overlook these guidelines and purchase the cords of their choice. In this case, when you buy thicker macramé cord to use, be ready to make fewer knots than you would have expected. This also consequentially means you will have to spend more on cords purchase to make sure you have enough to use. Thicker cords besides make the final product look rather bulky regardless of the beauty accessories like beads that may have been used.

Learn How To Use The Splicing Method

Running out of macramé cords to use is common and without planning, your project could easily come to a standstill. You should however not worry of the same when you can master the splicing method. Splicing of the macramé cords is a technique many people use to elongate the cords they have through splitting them into half. Once the length of the cords is cut into half, they are joined at the end through unraveling of the cord threads and enjoining them using strong glue. You are then needed to do twisting of the thread at the joined part and allowing them to dry before you proceed with knotting your patterns.

Master The Tightness Of Your Cords

It is pivotal that you get training first before starting to try out knotting on your own. After buying your macramé cords, you should know that the tightness of the knots can affect the final design either positively or negatively. It is therefore imperative you maintain consistency in the type of knots that you make. When you knot the cords too tightly, they may tend to bunch up which is not always ideal especially if you are making the designs for commercial needs. The end result is you may have the knots falling out of position and not emulating the final picture you had in mind for the project. Your knots should neither be too tight nor too loose to allow for improved flexibility of the design.



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