How to Spend 48 Hours in London

The one place in the world that is on every tourist’s ‘must-visit’ list is inevitably London- a city steeped in history and culture, the basis of many a novel and play and home to iconic structures. If you suddenly find yourself in London with 48 hours at your disposal, make sure you make the best use of it. Here are some suggestions:

Fly into Heathrow.

The second busiest airport is all set to welcome you as a gateway for your trip to London. Heathrow is as iconic as the city of London itself.  From here the city is very well connected by road and underground. To ensure your trip runs smoothly from the off, be sure to pre-book your taxi transfer so you can guarantee there will be no waiting around.

Eat at Borough Market

For the best variety of food in London, at high quality and affordable prices, head to Borough Market.  From local bakers, to Ethiopian and Portuguese vendors, the choices on offer are staggering.  The fresh produce and amazing English cheeses on offer are sure to make any foodie salivate. From sashimi to pastas, every kind of food one can think of is on offer at this market.

Baker Street Tour

The sleuth who lives on in our memories for ever, Sherlock Holmes, and his address at 221B, Baker Street, definitely makes for a fan tour. Diehard fans have been known to adoringly stare at the house that was actually a figment of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s imagination but brought to life by the incredible hysteria generated by Holmes’ adventures.

Beatles’ Black Taxi Tour

This one is for fans of the iconic Beatles. A black taxi tour will take you to places like Abbey Road (where you can replicate the famous Fab Four pose), Trident Studio, as well as other interesting places made famous by Beatles. One gets to enjoy the tour with their famous songs playing in the background. You may also customize your own tour.

Visit Buckingham Palace

The seat of the monarchy, the legendary Buckingham Palace holds complete sway over people’s imaginations worldwide. Booking a tour to show you around is a must if you want to get the full London experience and booking online in advance saves you time on the day. There are various types of tour to pick from depending on your personal preferences; from basic packages to choices fit for royalty, there are tours for everyone.

The Lord’s Visit

How can one miss visiting the Mecca of Cricket while on a tour of London, however short a time they might have at their disposal? The hallowed ground has seen history being made repeatedly.  Every cricketer worth his salt wants to play at least one match on this acclaimed ground and every fan wishes to witness the action once in their lifetime.  If you time yourself well, you will be able to experience the Players’ Dining Room Experience or Lord’s Afternoon Tea.

Be sure to make the most of this legendary city in the time you have; you will be left yearning for more after your 48 hours are over.

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