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How To Start A Dream Life In Italy Through The Descent Route

How To Start A Dream Life In Italy Through The Descent Route

Living in Italy is a dream for Americans who want to experience a European lifestyle.

January 15th, 2022

Living in Italy is a dream for Americans who want to experience a European lifestyle. The country has the best on offer, from beautiful landscapes to a pleasant climate, easy lifestyle, and financial opportunities. But the real reason it tops the list of immigration destinations for Americans is that it lets one claim citizenship by descent. It means you only have to trace your roots in the country to get in easily. Since many Americans have Italian roots, the option is wide open for them. You can get in touch with the team of mbersanilaw.com to understand more about the process. Here are the basics you need to know about starting a dream life in Italy through the descent route.

Have your eligibility facts clear

Having ancestral roots in Italy does not necessarily mean you qualify for citizenship by descent. There is much more you need to know before going ahead. The eligibility criteria have some loopholes you must understand thoroughly. Things are pretty straightforward if either or both your parents are Italian. But for distant ancestors, you have to validate that the person was an Italian citizen after the country’s unification in 1861. Additionally, they shouldn’t have been naturalized in another country before bearing a child. Another crucial eligibility fact is about the gender of your ancestor. You cannot qualify through a female relative who gave birth before 1948 as women could not pass on citizenship before this year.

Get your paperwork in place

Sorting out your paperwork before citizenship application takes you a step closer to your Italian dream. You cannot expect the authorities to take your word about your bloodline. They will ask for relevant documents to prove the facts. The list includes certificates of birth, marriage, and death from the Italian comune of your ascendant. It is perhaps the most challenging part of the dual citizenship application, but you can simplify it by collaborating with local experts. Besides local documents, you will also require paperwork from your current residence. They are easy to gather, but translation and legalization require effort. Since paperwork can be taxing, it is crucial to complete it sooner rather than later.

Apply at your local consulate

The final step to reach your dream life in Italy is applying for citizenship at your local Italian consulate. You can get a head start with accurate paperwork, but the wait for your appointment can test your patience. Consulates often have long queues for immigration, so you may have to wait for a few months or even a year to get an appointment. The catch here is that incomplete or inaccurate paperwork can delay the process further. It makes sense to get expert guidance as these professionals can double-check your documents to prevent errors and omissions.

Italian citizenship by descent can help you achieve your immigration goals faster than any other route. But you need to prepare well before initiating the process at your local consulate. Collaborating with a citizenship expert gets you in a good place.



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