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How To Start Painting Professionally

How To Start Painting Professionally

Tips for starting painting professionally.

April 18th, 2020

Professional painters do not just have their artwork grace the walls of buildings but must be prepared for other things too. Other things include mastering the ways of answering the client’s questions. The painters are known to be creating visual representations of the world around them. Thus they have to make sure that they are familiar with all the painting technicalities. One needs professional backing from the art world in order to succeed, though. This industry is as competitive as any other. Society is insular, and they can lift or drop artists at a moment’s notice. Even if one is just painting houses all day, it is not necessary that art shall go for a toss.

How does one manage their crew?

Management of painting crews is perhaps a different kind of art in itself. As a professional painter and a manager, one will have to decide how to train the crew. One thing that has to be kept in mind is the treating of employees or subcontractors with respect every time. Professional painting involves strange men and women shuffling around the house of clients, and they may abhor the idea internally. This may cause them to be a little anxious. Thus the crew will have to be told to act professional and mature around clients. Professional painting also involves going above and beyond to satisfy the clientele, even if they are not friendly enough.

The workers may not be proficient in a regional dialect which might cause a problem for them. The problem needs to be addressed beforehand with the team. The crew will have to make sure that they report to the site on time every day. If not, it may upset the client and cause them to doubt the professionalism of the painters. Painters have to follow a schedule as professionals who are non-negotiable in this field. Sometimes clients book major painting projects with very less time in hand. This is why the crew will have to be at its proficient best when it comes to time management.

Does one need insurance?

Painter’s insurance is a must. It sort of assures them that the painting crew is worth their salt. This also ensures that one’s business is protected and they can concentrate on the work at hand. There are many services that could end up being a liability to a professional painter. This involves removing paint that is lead-based. They can also include the removal of coverings of old walls. Painters may be sued for a lot of unnecessary accidents caused to the clients that include slipping and falling.

Most insurance companies can customise packages as per business size. Thus small businesses do not need to fear insurance anymore. The insurance for painting liability not just covers all losses but also the legal fee and bills that are medical. This will also assure the client that damages are covered so that they can be sanguine about hiring someone. One just needs to keep in mind that the insurance chosen has payment options that are flexible enough. Paying on a monthly basis with no additional interest rates is most preferable when one is starting out. The insurance should be able to assign one with claims assistance immediately when it is reported.

Things to take care of before starting with the painting job

One has to ensure safety at all costs, both for themselves and the clients’. This involves the using of ladders that are sturdy. It will have to have a shelf for tools and paint containers to be kept. The painter will have to invest in goggles to cover their eyes. The usage of overcoats will keep the paint away from the painter’s body.

The client is mostly responsible for the colour selection though the painter can certainly aid the process. They can choose the colours and combinations given online or from colour charts that are professionally curated. Sampling is also crucial, so one has to paint on poster boards and let them dry. The poster board has to be white and put in different rooms for noticing the altering colour shades. The client will have to be asked about the kind of paint finish they need. It is definitely up to them if they want painters to use glossier paint for a stylish touch.


There is also another important aspect to painting professionally. It is the decision to hire employees or contractors for lowering cost. One thing to bear in mind is that the subcontractors only ask for a flat fee structure. Another aspect is that contractors do not require to be given employee benefits and taxes for social security. However, the contractors often hire subcontractors who may put the business at risk. It has often resulted in the quality of work that is poor and slipshod.



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