How to stay productive during snow days:

It’s hard to believe we are writing about “snow days” at this time of year however after the UK recently taking a big bashing from the beast from the east, we don’t know whether we are coming or going, are we still in Canada perhaps or Leeds? With only two weeks away from spring we would normally be hitting the shops and working on our SS18 wardrobe. Anyway we are interested to know how many of you got trapped in the house and had to dig out your snow boots?

Did you use it as an excuse for a lazy “PJ and Netflix” kinda day? Well at #TeamCoco we love the sound of that, but after one day as a couch potato been more than enough we wanted to share with you how to inject some productivity into those days. And if you want you can still keep on the pyjamas, we won’t judge (promise).

1. Catch up on emails, clear out the inbox and make a start on your to-do list. I mean we are all guilty of having at least 103052 unread emails full of junk right?? And when do you ever have time to go through and check or delete?? NEVER. So why not de clutter the mailbox for a clutter free mind. Ommmmmmmmm.

2. Have a spring clean (maybe it should be called snow clean?), anyway we think it’s best to get the cleaning out of the way in the morning so in the afternoon you can enjoy something more leisurely and fun. Plus a clean home makes a happy home which will result in a better day ahead. Turn on your favourite playlist or even an uplifting bit of motivation on Youtube or Audible. In the thick of our daily chaos, meetings and commuting its rare to get chance to enjoy your favourite jams in peace, so lap it up.

3. Practice some cooking, yes we would all love the time to do some home baking or try out that Jamie Oliver recipe we have been saving. Well snow day is the perfect time. If you don’t have all of the ingredients why not get creative and improvise with everything you can pull together. And if all goes wrong eat that tub of Icecream guilt free because you deserve it. Calories don’t count in this weather.

4. Wardrobe de-clutter. Have a mini fashion show and try everything on in your closet, if you haven’t worn for the past year then bag it up for charity. The good news is you can make some space for new items and finish the day with some online retail therapy. Why the hell not.

5. And finally, if you find you get a bit of cabin fever. Wrap up warm, get your wellies on and head out and enjoy the winter wonderland for yourself. After all the fresh outdoors can do wonders for your soul. Take the opportunity to have an hour unplugged from your phone and technology to simply breathe.


Over and out from #TeamCoco – we already can’t wait for the next Snow blizzard to hit! (just kidding).

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