How to Store Red Wine After Opening

Bliss is red wine poured in your favourite glass after you’ve had a long, tiring day. Happiness is celebrating the best of times pouring red wine for your friends. Romance is tasting the last drop of red wine just before heading home with your partner. See how red wine makes everything better? We love the colour, the essence, the class and the finesse it brings. On every occasion, on every celebration; red wine never ceases to amaze us.

Possibly the one issue with red wine is its inability to retain freshness after it’s opened. Red wine goes bad after it stays out and gets in contact with oxygen. Oxygen makes it change to vinegar and develop a synthetic aftertaste. Here are a few ways to store red wine without destroying its true essence and taste:

1. Store in a Cool Place

A wine cooler is your best bet to ensuring the wine’s taste stays intact and delicious. A wine cooler keeps the bottles upright and standing. This means, the opening of the bottle is less likely to get in contact with oxygen. Red wine has the tendency to get oxidized when exposed in a horizontal position. If you’re considering investing in a wine cooler, visit this website here to find out about your options.

2. Re-cork firmly

Make sure the wine is re-corked properly. Oftentimes, the cork is placed without pressure, which leads to entrance of air in the bottle. This speeds up the oxidation process and there is no stopping the wine from going bad! Make sure the cork is contained after opening the bottle so you can close it without any issue. Finding a new cork as a replacement may not be the best option.

3. Maintain Temperature

While the wine can be easily stored in your refrigerator as well, there are chances of drastic changes in temperature. If the fridge is not to be opened for long intervals, there is no concern about the temperature. But in case the bottle experiences change in ambiance, the wine will not remain fresh and tasty.

If temperature of the fridge is maintained throughout a matter of 3-5 days, the wine stays fresh and delicious without going stale. But fridges might not be able to maintain this temperature because of opening and closing.

4. Using Plastic Covering

A life-saving hack to maintain freshness of red wine is to use plastic covering around the bottle opening. Even if you have re-corked the bottle, there are chances of air entering and oxidising the wine. To ensure the bottle becomes airtight, you can simple take a little cling wrap and firmly wrap around the opening of the bottle.

The cling wrap in itself is not sufficient for the wine bottle. For best results, place the cork in the opening and then cover with a plastic, cling wrap. You can tie a rubber band over the cling wrap to ensure it stays on perfectly, even when placed inside the fridge or wine cooler, for long periods of time.

5. Lukewarm Water Helps

Red wine is mostly enjoyed at a temperature that is slightly cooler than room temperature. The wine does not necessarily have to be chilled. To maintain its temperature and freshness, place the bottle in a bowl of lukewarm water. Make sure the temperature of the water bath is between 17 and 19 degrees. This temperature will be sufficient to keep the wine fresh and cool without losing its taste.

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