How to Survive a Long Road Trip

Road trips allow us to see more of the world than we ever could on foot or by plane. The world is so much more than the top destinations or the biggest cities after all! The best sights, the best towns, and even the best people can only be found off the beaten track. Road trips are great experiences for everyone and can be done either alone or with friends. That being said, travelling with your friends can be difficult over time. You are together for long stretches of time in a small space and, without the proper preparation, this can lead to frustration and arguments.

Have Snacks and Drinks Ready to Go 

The first step to surviving any road trip is to stock up on snacks and drinks. Specifically, protein snacks and water are key. The more naturally energised you are, the better. Relying on sugar or caffeine to keep you going can result in energy crashes later, which can make the close proximity of your friends become irritating. Stay healthy, stay hydrated and stay full, and you will be able to enjoy your trip for longer.

Have Entertainment On Hand 

The first misconception about road trips is that passengers spend the entire time talking. There will be moments of quiet so that everyone can have a break, even if you are only a seat away from each other. During these moments, it is important to have entertainment on hand. Thankfully, with our phones, we can do nearly everything nowadays. You can watch movies, stream shows, play games and more. You aren’t even limited to games you have downloaded. You can play casino games on and have the chance to win some extra money you can enjoy on your trip.

Don’t Go for the Direct Route 

The beauty of road trips is that you can take detours and see and experience so much more. Driving only on motorways to get from one main destination to another is frustrating, tiring, and negates the entire purpose of a road trip. If one destination is three or more hours away, take the day instead. Go to small towns, see the sights, explore and enjoy the small destinations as much as your main highlights. Do this, and your legs won’t get cramped, tempers won’t be tested, and everyone can enjoy themselves that much more.

Make a Note of All Rest Stops 

For safety, always make a note offline on paper where all roadside rest stops are. That way you will always know where you can fuel up, go to the bathroom, and have something to eat. Similarly, having emergency provisions like a petrol container can be useful in case you find yourself stranded. By doing this, you can all be more comfortable and secure throughout your trip.

Have a Driving Schedule 

Everyone who can drive, should. Have a driving schedule so that no one person drives too much and gets fatigued. Switch it up every three hours on a rota, so driving is equally shared.

Road trips are the perfect way to spend the summer, but surviving one when you are packed in with others in a small car can be difficult. Have provisions on board, entertainment at the ready and try to not drive for more than three hours straight without getting out and exploring.

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