How to Take Better Travel Photos

People these days love a good vacation picture, with 250 million photographs uploaded to Facebook each day. Smartphones and digital cameras contain seemingly unlimited storage, so snapping anything and everything has become the norm. When you travel, photographs are an important way of preserving memories. However, it is important to remember quality as well as quantity. Start by investing in a good travel-friendly camera and then follow the advice below to take photos you can be really proud to share.

Schedule Photography Time

It can be all too easy to leave the camera in your bag and say you’ll grab it when you see something worth taking a photo of. However, when the time comes, it is tempting to just quickly snap it with your smartphone, leaving you with something mediocre. Instead, schedule in your photography time. This ensures you will spend time searching for a good photo, but also allows you to pick optimal moments to snap. A photo collage of vacation memories will be enhanced if you wake up early to capture scenes before the tourists arrive. You will also benefit from the naturally photo-friendly lighting of a sunrise.

Use a Tripod

There are plenty of lightweight, travel tripods that won’t take up much space in your backpack, but could vastly improve your photographs. When paired with a remote shutter release, a tripod allows for perfectly still shots, offering crisp and clear results. This is especially important if you have moving scenery, such as lights, humans, or water.

Select Your Settings

The subject of a photograph makes a huge difference to the settings required. However, you don’t need to be a photography expert to get a good result. Look for pre-set options such as “fireworks”, which might work for capturing the elusive Northern Lights, or “landscape” which will automatically work better for a mountain view. Becoming an expert an manually adjusting the settings will allow for greater creativity, but at the very least match the mode to the subject.

Travel photography can be a fun way to interact with your surroundings and preserve memories. You don’t need to be an expert, but follow a few simple tips for taking better photos. Add photography to your to do list, so that you can focus on taking beautiful shots at optimal moments. Paying attention to the settings and using a tripod will further help you to achieve stunning quality and preserve incredible memories for years to come.

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