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How to Take Care of Your Electric Bike

How to Take Care of Your Electric Bike

An electric bike is a great option for those who are looking for a commuting alternative or those who are looking for a new way to exercise during the

May 12th, 2022

An electric bike is a great option for those who are looking for a commuting alternative or those who are looking for a new way to exercise during the weekend. Whether you already own one or are thinking of buying one, knowing how to take care of it is an essential part of being an electric bike owner. An electric bike is a piece of technology that requires some maintenance if you want it to serve you for years. In this article, we will look at some basic maintenance tips for electric bike owners.

Find a Good Electric Bike Shop

There are some things you can do such as cleaning the bike and ensuring it is in top shape, but there are maintenance tasks that should be left to the professionals. It is important to understand that even though a shop may be known as a shop bike, its technicians may not be experienced with electric bikes, let alone the specific model you own.

The two ways to be sure are to check with reputable service providers and to ask the clerk at the local store where you bought the bike. If you bought the bike online or converted a regular bike to an e-bike, you might have a harder time finding a repair shop although it is still possible to do so.

Once you have found a reputable shop that has a great mechanic, set up regular maintenance. The mechanic will do a check-up and even tune your bike if it needs this service.

Taking Care of Your Battery

If you own an electric bike, you should always be trying to maximize your bike’s range while also ensuring your battery lasts as long as possible. To maximize range, ensure you charge your bike whenever you can. As with other batteries, overcharging can reduce the battery’s health so unplug as soon as the battery is full. Also, ensure that you store the battery in a warm location if the temperature falls too low.

The second thing to remember is to be careful when attaching and removing the battery. Some of these batteries are heavy and quite expensive so take care when handling them. Also, try to avoid short circuits as they can lead to the production of dangerous amounts of heat that can lead to explosions.

Insure It

Many people overlook insuring their electric bike and mistakenly assume that a lock or chain will be enough to protect their bike. Electric bikes are stolen all the time, and this is especially true when you consider high-end electric bikes like Pedego bikes. Pedego has fun, east-to-ride bikes that look great.

These characteristics that make them attractive to customers also make them attractive to thieves. By providing Pedegobikes insurance, companies like Velosurance protect you from loss, theft, and damage. Velosurance not only provides Pedegobikes insurance; they also cover all conventional and electric bikes up to 750 watts. The insurance covers the full value of the bike plus medical coverage and liability insurance up to your policy or coverage limit.

Taking Care of the Tires

Because they are the main part of the bike that makes contact with the road, your tires will experience lots of tear and wear which is why they need lots of care. Also, electric bikes are heavier than conventional bikes due to the motor and battery and the heavier frame required to support both.

Always ensure your tires are charged to the correct level before riding. Tires that are even slightly deflated get damaged faster, and they do not provide the support the bike needs, especially when riding on rougher surfaces.

You should also know how to change the tires. Bikes with a mid-drive motor are easier to work on, but you need to know about electrical systems and their components if your bike has a hub-drive motor. When switching tires, ensure you buy tires made for electric bikes. Because they are heavier, they have better traction, additional puncture resistance, and sturdier sidewalls.

Check the Brakes

Electric bikes are heavier and faster than conventional bikes.For this reason, you need a lot more stopping power, and this means better brakes. Always check that the brakes are not loose and that there is no excess wear in the pad and rotor between rides. If you are not comfortable repairing any of these parts, it is better to leave it to an experienced mechanic. If you see signs of wear on the rotors and brake pads, changethem or have a mechanic do it for you.

The Chain

You should clean and lubricate the chain to avoid grit and dirt jamming it up. Ensure you wipe off any excess lubricant as this will attract the same grid and dirt you are trying to keep away from your chain.

Electric bikes need some care the same way conventional bikes do. There are some differences between the two, but you can handle many of the repairs yourself. For the ones you cannot, let an experienced mechanic handle them for you.



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