Winters can get harsh and to move out of your cosy homes may become a real challenge. The extra effort entailed in pulling up additional woollens and overcoats to brace yourself for the icy cold winds seem to be too much to handle. Instead of trying to brave the elements of nature outside, how about hosting an indoor winter brunch for your folks?

Inviting friends for brunch at home on a winter evening could be a great way to enjoy their company. You could simply unwind yourself over good food, great music or maybe play exciting Mobile Slot games on your mobile. With the rise of the online casino, enjoying the traditional Roulette, Poker or Blackjack or playing a variety of ancient and modern-themed slots have become quite easy. There are many games offered by popular online casinos like Vegas Mobile Casino to enjoy the company of your friends. What better it can get when you are shouting with joy after hitting that big jackpot and your friends are present to celebrate it by your side.

How to prepare for the perfect winter brunch party?

– Food is the soul of any occasion, and you are inviting people for brunch, so using some fresh seasonal root vegetables and flavouring them with spices like clove and cinnamon that can warm the body from inside out is a great way to set the brunch menu right.

– Match the outside environment with the décor inside. If it’s not bright and sunny outside, you can mellow the tones of your flowers, tableware and interiors used for the feast. Alternatively, if you wish to contrast the indoor mood with vibrant colours to bring in cheer, you can as well do that.

– Prepare in advance for the day and invite friends well ahead of time for a successful gathering on the scheduled day. Moreover, planning can save you last minute running around for grocery as well. Given the weather, you may have to make some changes in your menu in case you’re unable to get the desired ingredients.

– As you try to engage your friends in some good experiences, remember to include desserts that hit all senses of taste, sight, texture and smell. Pears based sweetmeat can go down well and to top it all ascertain to arrange some great music, for instance from Abba’s album or any other soulful numbers.

– As you recline with friends after a hearty brunch, don’t’ let anyone leave empty-handed. Ensure you have a little surprise for your guests packed as tokens of love and bonding to usher your gratitude to those who’ve spent their quality time with you. Though gifting is your personal choice, you can choose to pack some rosemary baked bread or nutmeg flavoured cookies nicely packaged and adorned with a colourful, pretty ribbon to combat the weather gloom.

If you have an eye for creativity, prepare a theme for your brunch gathering and accordingly, you can decide on the games that you can choose to play together. Your guests should have optimum fun and vouch to return for another occasion of spending time over food and leisure.


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