Yes, we know, traveling lightly is key. However, there are some instances when you can’t do so; for example, you need to travel for a month or more or if you’re traveling as a family.

This is why has created a selection of travel tips and advice for packing needs.

In this article, however, we will discuss the certainty of finding yourself traveling with a lot of luggage, and we’ll talk about what can still be done to ease the process.

Before Going to the Airport1. Rent a car service, or better yet, pre-book the said service.

You can look into transport services that can ease the anxiety of thinking of where you can park and fly. Additionally, this helps you focus on the trip and what needs to be brought to the trip.

The biggest benefit of renting a car service is that you can select the size of the vehicle that can accommodate all of your luggage.

Some of them also have the option of riders who can assist carry your bags for you.2. Use a luggage transport service.

Another convenient transport service you can look into is those that will pick up your luggage for you, straight from your home and to the airport where you can just collect your luggage before checking them in.

Other services that accommodate this also can even check your luggage indirectly.

Though these come at an additional cost, the convenience it gives you is priceless.3. Purchase luggage insurance.

The major difference between traveling with single luggage and with lots is that the latter can give you some form of anxiety when your luggage is on hold.

With single luggage–and most likely, it’s carry-on–you’re certain that nothing will go missing.

However, this assurance might not feel the same with lots of luggage to keep in check.

There are cases where luggage goes missing or gets mixed up in the system and sent elsewhere.

With luggage insurance, you can rest assured that the airline will do its best to track it down and deliver it to you in the unfortunate possibility of missing luggage.

In the worst-case scenario of missing luggage, they’ll compensate you for it.

Luggage insurance can be bought as early as purchasing or booking your tickets as an additional service.

Make sure you avail of this when you’ve got lots to put on hold.

When You’re at the Airport1. Use a porter.

Check on the airport services if they have porters and avail of one. Porters will carry your luggage for you until they’re checked in.

This is also extremely helpful if you’re carrying heavy luggage so that you won’t have to break your back.

This eases you from balancing all of your bags into a single trolley and still being able to focus on where you need to go at the airport.2. Check your luggage on hold.

As much as there might be anxiety about not being able to see or access your luggage when they’re put on hold, it is the safest and most practical approach to traveling with more than a single piece of luggage.

Check your luggage in, be comforted that you availed of luggage insurance, and only carry with you the essentials during the flight while your stuff is safely stored in the cargo of the plane.

After the Flight1. Use a porter. Again.

For the same reason, you availed of it to get your luggage checked in, avail of the porter service to get your luggage from the plane and brought safely to the vehicle that will bring you to your accommodation.

Some porter services can also be booked in advance, so you can already predict what time you’ll arrive at your destination and just avail of the service the moment you land.2. Utilize luggage storage for your return.

Try to check in with your accommodation on your return trip if they have luggage storage.

This will help save up time on your last day to rest for a bit while waiting for your transportation back to the airport instead of wasting hours at the boarding lounge.

A luggage storage service allows you to leave your luggage with them and simply come back when you need your luggage already.

Packing Tips1. Know what you’ve packed.

Since you’re carrying a lot, it would be better if you could either itemize what is inside each bag or take a photo of the contents of each bag.

This way, you’ll know where to find things easily and also remain organized amidst the number of luggage you’re carrying.2. Utilize all luggage space.

If you’re traveling as a family, you can mix up luggage contents to maximize space and just sort them all out when you’ve reached your destination.

You won’t have to add more luggage to ensure each party has single baggage for themselves.

Extra Tip: roll clothes instead of folding them to save you luggage space.3. Look into uniform luggage for easy spotting.

Because you have to keep an eye on more than single luggage, find a way to create a uniform look for all the baggage you’re bringing so that they’re easier to spot.

This doesn’t mean all your luggage needs to be the same thing.

It can be as simple as a bright neon tape around the middle of each, so they’re easy to spot in the carousel.


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