The answer from leading designers – ad-lib! As you want. And if you already understand that this is a trendy thing in spring and summer 2020, but do not yet understand how to wear this skirt, then you definitely need an influx of fresh ideas. For example, open Victoria Beckham’s Insta profile. She is a real fan of pleated skirts, moreover, she creates very unexpected and bold images with clothes from different colors and textures. And also, take a look at and find out how ladies pleated skirts can be incorporated into the everyday images of usual girls. And in the meantime, we will give you some more tips on this question.

Pleated Skirt+Eco-Leather Jacket

So, if you are not yet ready for the most daring experiments in the style of Victoria Beckham, then we suggest starting with a relatively classic image. You will need a pleated skirt slightly lower than the knees, a black vest made of eco-leather, a T-shirt with an open neckline in maroon or black, plus ankle boots with medium heels. And it’s all. A fashionable look for a romantic date or a walk through the spring city is ready. It will be beautiful, fashionable, elegant and without fashionable extremes.

Pleated Skirt+Knitted Oversized Sweater

This is a bolder idea, which is ideal for very slender girls. The specificity of a pleated skirt is that it visually enlarges the hips, so it definitely should not be worn by those whom nature has awarded with noticeable and rounded shapes. Moreover, together with a knitted oversized sweater, there is a risk of looking even more voluminous. Therefore, this is a bold enough idea for slender girls who can afford to add a few visual centimeters. And in this case, it looks really unusual – especially if you combine this image with slip-ons decorated with eco-fur.

Pleated Skirt+Classical Office Shirt

Are you looking for an office option? Here it is. Choose a pleated midi skirt of modest color – for example, dark burgundy or pink corral (by the way, the latter will be especially relevant this spring) and combine it with almost any classic long-sleeved shirt. Perhaps the only limitation is checkered shirts since the checkered pattern will attract attention from the main element of the image – the skirt. As for shoes, the office option is either light ballet flats or low-heeled shoes.

Pleated Skirt + Classic Turtleneck

This is another idea from Victoria Beckham, which looks very unusual. Victoria suggests combining a pleated maxi length skirt with a translucent base turtleneck. And attention! Do not wear a bra at the same time. Instead, wear demi-season boots with wide heels.

Well, the idea is bold enough. Therefore, in order to turn this image from extravagant to every day one, you just need to wear a bra and choose a more classic color combination. For example, a white skirt will work well with a white or blue turtleneck or sweater. As for shoes, here the choice will also be yours.


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