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How to wear this winter: tips for the 2022/23 cold season

How to wear this winter: tips for the 2022/23 cold season

How to wear this winter: tips for the 2022/23 cold season

December 16th, 2022

Modern fashion is quite flexible, allowing for comfortable and stylish looks every day. Moreover, now it is affordable and accessible massively, so there’s no difference in your shape, age, or other characteristics. Read how Versace contributed to such development of the fashion industry at https://artdevivre.com/articles/how-gianni-versace-became-a-legendary-fashion-designer/, and follow the line about the common trends for the wintertime 2022-’23 below.

The best features of nowadays’ fashion

Among the best tendencies that you can notice in currently developing trends include the following:

  • Today, it’s adaptable. Most designs are now made for all men, women, and other genders. There’s no strict distinction between who should wear what according to the shapes of the waist, hips, or breasts.
  • It’s combinable. You can mix and match whatever to whatever. Currently, it’s not such a challenge as it was even a decade ago because now-classic elements are the reconsidered variants of what we always knew as a black-and-white format. Colors and styles are not limited in variability.
  • It’s comfortable. It’s hard to deny the strong tendency towards comfort in the first place. Oversized shirts, sweaters, and jumpers are just a few examples. From low-heeled shoes to puffers in outer clothing – everything goes grosser and grosser in appearance and more and more comfortable in feeling.
  • It’s still elegant. Due to combinability and layers, you can create a look that will be as gorgeous as cozy. It is a strong advantage if you have a busy schedule and eventful life.
  • It’s affordable. The analogs for the famous brands that are available today have high quality, and the other brands, for more mass production, offer better products than earlier. So whatever your budget is, you can wear stylish.

These features make us perceive modern fashion as something more natural and routine, so fashionistas are no longer those snobby guys trying to show their superiority.

Expected trends for 2022-’23

In winter 2022-’23 new trends show up, and the previously introduced ones keep developing. We considered three main categories that can bother people, so look below to find out, what footwear, upper garment, and regular clothing to prefer this season.


Several trends remain predominant since the previous cold season:

  • massive and military-like boots – combinations with airy dresses or knitted elements are still the most preferred;
  • knee-high boots are also trendy, but more and more often, they appear to be combined with mini skirts and dresses than with skinny jeans;
  • Chelsea boots with variations on fasteners – another classic element being rethought;
  • elastic bands instead of zippers or the latters combined with lacing.

Among these options (regarding the variability), you can find the perfect match.


Among the trends in outerwear, it is necessary to mention the following:

  • colors – whether it is a puffer, a coat, or a fur coat, you can find as many variants as you can imagine;
  • medium and long are among the most popular for everyday use, but in some cases, short options also appear to be convenient;
  • oversized cut holds the leading positions this season – for puffers as well;
  • “après-ski” style costumes become more and more popular for daily looks;
  • relevant accessories to wear outside accompany the look with knitted options prevailing.

As outerwear remains for more than a couple of seasons in the wardrobe of most people, fashion moves progressively to more universal and long-lasting options that allow forgetting about freezing wind and massive snowfall.

Regular clothing

The other elements of your wardrobe may include:

  • knitted sweaters, cardigans, costumes, and dresses;
  • wool costumes, jackets, skirts, dresses, or pants;
  • combinations of thick materials with airy chiffon, atlas, and pleated options;
  • unusual prints and images, including logos, asymmetrical picture placing, and combining printed fabric with monotonous.

Many tendencies are coming from the previous season and repeating the manners of combining that were popular in winter 2021-’22. But this time, many options are even more exaggerated, while others become more harmonized.

Using the advantages of currently popular fashion directions, we can create and wear unforgettable looks that remain in memory. We’re free to stay in warmth and comfort while emphasizing our best features. Look at how the tendencies change throughout time at ArtDeVivre.com and stay updated on the latest culture news!

Laura Bartlett

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