HYROX The Global Fitness Race

The Concept

Known as the world series of fitness racing, HYROX bridges the gap between traditional endurance events and functional fitness, allowing everyday gymgoers something to train for. So, whether you’re a CrossFit fanatic, HIIT lover, race runner or general gym lover then HYROX is the event for you.

With over 40 races to choose from across three continents, it’s ideal for those who love to combine fitness and travel, meaning you can smash a PB while ticking off one of the countries on your bucket list.

Each HYROX race is exactly the same with athletes completing eight 1km runs mixed in with eight functional fitness workouts. During the race, athletes wear a timing chip around their ankles which provides individuals with their finishing time. Not only does this data allow participants to check their time against others competing, but it also breaks down your times for each segment – showing where you excel and maybe need to improve in each part.

You can compete in as many HYROX races as you wish, and at the end of each season, HYROX hold the World Championships with 2022 taking place in no other than Las Vegas!

Intrigued? Read on to find out what exactly it entails . . .

The Race

There’s no time limit for competing, but every race follows this same format –

1km Run

1km Ski (on Concept2 SkiErg)

1km Run

50m Sled Push (75kg – 175kg*)

1km Run

50m Sled Pull (50kg – 125kg*)

1km Run

80m Burpee Broad Jump

1km Run

1km Row (on Concept2 Rower)

1km Run

200m Kettle Bells Farmers Carry (16kg – 32kg*)

1km Run

100m Sandbag Lunges (10kg – 30kg*)

1km Run

100 / 75* reps Wall Balls (4kg – 9kg*)

* weights (and reps for wall balls) vary by category

The Categories

There are four different racing categories to choose from

Open – this is the standard race where you will enter as an individual, completing the whole race by yourself.

Pro – this is for people who really want to push themselves as an individual with heavier weights making for a more challenging experience.

Doubles – pair up with your gym bestie and share the work between you. Take on the run together and then share the workload of the exercises.

Relay – race as a group of four in a relay format with each member of the team doing two 1km runs and two of the workouts.

The Places

Just exactly where in the world can you take part in HYROX? The event originated in Germany, but now has races spanning Europe, North America and Asia.

Here’s a list of the upcoming races you can get involved in –

Leipzig – 08/10/22

Birmingham – 15/10/22

Valencia – 15/10/22

Amsterdam – 22/10/22

Berlin – 05/11/22

Chicago – 05/11/22

Essen – 12/11/22

London – 19/11/22

Dallas – 19/11/22

Hamburg – 26/11/22

Madrid – 26/11/22

Frankfurt – 10/12/22

Los Angeles – 10/12/22

Maastricht – 21/01/23

Houston – 21/01/23

Manchester – 28/01/23

Stuttgart – 04/02/23

Glasgow – 11/02/23

Chicago – 11/02/23

Bilbao – 11/02/2023

Vienna – 26/02/23

Munich – 04/03/23

Karlsruhe – 11/03/23

Barcelona – 18/03/23

Stockholm – 25/03/23

Malaga – 15/04/23

Hanover – 06/05/23

Copenhagen – 13/05/23

The Price

This tends to vary depending on where you’re doing an event and what division you’re competing in. For example, to compete as an individual in Manchester in January 2022 it was £85.

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The Reward

There are a multitude of benefits to be gained when competing in a HYROX race. Not only will you build strength, power and endurance, but you’ll work hard to complete it in a certain time, giving you a great sense of achievement. The atmosphere at each event is electric and you’ll come away having met a great community of like-minded people. Plus, you’ll feel on top of the world after crossing that finish line.

If you want to take things up a notch and qualify for the World Championships, then you’ll be in the running (literally) for a cut of the £50k prize money!

Personally, we love how the race can be done in so many amazing cities across the world. We’ve already ticked off Manchester and London – where should Team Coco head to next?!

Find out more at hyrox.com.


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