Ideas for Making Birthdays Special 

Everyone loves a fun birthday party, but everyone has their own ideas about what makes a party truly great. When you’re a child, it’s all about playing games, eating cake and opening presents, but when you mature, you’ll probably want to do something a little more sophisticated! If you want to organise a special birthday celebration for a close friend, you’ll no doubt be trying to think of ways to make the event memorable and enjoyable, and maybe something a bit different too. Luckily there are plenty of alternative party ideas around, so get creative and make your friend’s birthday a night to remember!


The trend over recent years has been to have experiences rather than buying more possessions. People have come to realise that doing something memorable, new or challenging provides memories that last far longer than the pleasure associated with purchasing new objects. Arranging an experience day for a group of friends to celebrate a birthday is a great way to have fun, share an exciting activity together and do something a bit different. There’s an amazing choice of experience packages on offer, so have a browse through some websites to see what is available near you that everyone would enjoy.You can experience your birthday with Battle House Laser Combat, as offers an amazing birthday party locations to make your birthday specials.

If you’re stuck for an idea or want to go for something outside the obvious, you could book an Escape Game experience, where you have to role play in order to solve a mystery.


You can spice up the traditional party theme by mixing up some of the essential elements. For example, instead of having the event at yours or your friend’s home, hire a venue and get a live band to play. You could have a themed party based on something your friend loves, like a movie, TV show or book. Guests could dress up to match the theme, and you could have catering based on the subject of your theme. If they are passionate about fashion, you could choose their favourite designer or historical period as the theme. If it’s the summer and the weather is fine, you could have a pool party or a beach party. Make sure you choose something that will be relatively simple to use as a starting point, and that can be easily adapted to suit the attendees. Instead of party food, get a caterer in who can do all the work for you and serve cuisine of your choice. Street food is hot right now, so you could ask a couple of vendors to cater for you. A bar might be the obvious answer for drinks, or you could try something different and get a mobile coffee seller to provide freshly brewed cappuccinos and macchiatos. You could also combine the two ideas – party and experience – by having a party on a river cruise.

Birthdays are a brilliant time to show your friends how much you care, and if you can organise something extra special you will make them very happy, and you will have some fabulous times to look back on.

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