The quality of Apple series watches is incomparable with any other smartwatch manufacturer company. Apple is known for manufacturing the finest and flawless gadgets for a long time. Although its price is a bit higher than other brands, you will never regret it when it comes to quality comparison. After making such a substantial investment in your Apple gadgets, their safety must be the first priority. Also, try something creative to enhance the look of your smartwatch. In order to make your watch more secure and appealing, the company has allowed modifications like strap replacement. By default, Apple has introduced a couple of straps but third party brands have taken this to the next level with beautiful designs. After buying the latest version of Apple smartwatch, we recommend trying some accessories as mentioned below and be sure to check out Mobile Mob.

Replaceable straps

Changing the straps of a wristwatch was not so convenient as it is today. Thanks to the designers of Apple watch who left you some slots of modifications by strap replacement option. Here is an easy process of strap removal and installation

  1. The Apple watch series 5 bands are easily replaceable with just a push button given on the back panel.
  2. After unlocking by pushing the button, gently slide the strap outside.
  3. Repeat the same process with the other side to disassemble.
  4. Now slide in the new straps and they will be automatically locked inside.

This is the simple procedure of replacing all types of Apple watch bands. Now we will discuss choosing stylish, durable and luxurious straps from available options in the market.

  • Smartwatch strap for intense activities

If you need a smartwatch for intense activities like gym training and running on the ground, we recommend going with the option of nylon. This material is flexible, robust and comfortable to wear for long hours. Moreover, nylon is one of the cheapest materials so you can buy them in bulk without a shaking budget.

  • Strap for regular wear

If you are looking for straps to change on a regular basis while going to the office, we recommend going with the option of silicone. This is also a durable material and has a more appealing look as compared to nylon. When it comes to the variety of designs and colors, nothing can compete with the options available in the silicone material. Unlike other synthetic elements, silicone is hypoallergenic as well as feels comfortable throughout the day. You can buy a strap of silicone in single or multiple shades.

  • Strap for special occasions

If you need a strap to flaunt luxury on a special occasion, get apple watch series 3 bands in leather or metal. Both are luxurious and will definitely enhance the value of your smartwatch. Leather straps are available in different colors to match your tuxedo. At weddings and corporate parties, exhibit your new style with metal straps plated with the yellow gold, rose gold or black gold.

Display protection glass

Tempered glasses are not only meant for safeguarding your smartphone display but also serve the same purpose for smartwatches. the display of your watch is the most valuable part that needs to be intact. Different glasses for Apple watch series 4 band, 5 band and other models are available in the market. It is advisable to seek help from an expert of display replacement for a seamless job.

Don’t forget to check the series while buying Apple watch straps and display protectors online or from the local market. Also, choose a brand carefully because inferior quality bands can cause damage to your expensive smartwatch.


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