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In Conversation with Michele Scott-Lynch founder of Boucleme

In Conversation with Michele Scott-Lynch founder of Boucleme

In Conversation with Boucleme

January 24th, 2023

As someone who has loved their curls their entire life, going through grief in 2021 saw me experience severe hair loss, resulting in me having to learn how to love my curls all over again. I shared my journey candidly online and I soon realised that this was a common thing, whether people were experiencing hair loss due to stress or just not loving their curls as much as they could, it opened up a real honest and insightful conversations.

Following my trauma, I went on a mission to heal myself and get my curls back to their full potential. Cue the arrival of Boucleme. A hair brand that not only helped me fall in love with my mane all over again but it gave me a whole new lease of life. So much so, that I was super keen to spend some time with the founder to find out more. Here, we chatted to Michele Scott-Lynch to find out more about Boucleme, her plans for the future and so much more...

Tell us about the journey that led you to launch your brand, Boucleme…

I hated my hair for a large part of my life. There were very few curly role models in the media when I was growing up and I could never find products that created definition or hold my curls so I opted for relaxing them instead. This all changed when I hit 30 after reading Malcom X’s autobiography and relating to his story of relaxing his hair and how it was done to conform with the western perception of beauty = smooth, straight locks. I realised I was doing exactly the same and vowed from then to stop straightening my hair and embrace my curls. I have worn my natural curls ever since, it was a liberating experience.

You’re on a mission to set curls free. Why was this important to you?

This really stems from my own journey to curls and hearing the similarities in many other people’s stories too. People still to this day use words like ‘tame’, ‘unruly’, difficult’ when talking about curly hair and black women in particular are subjected to awful hair discrimination. All of which can make it hard for people to love their natural hair pattern. We want to be able to offer encouragement and support from products to advice to anyone wanting to take that leap. We want to help people to wear their natural hair in all it’s glory and feel empowered, confident and beautiful.

How do you want people to feel when they use your products?

We’re a prestige brand. Our products are made using high quality ingredients and fragranced using natural essential oils. I want it to feel like a luxury experience when people use them and for the scents to uplift and stimulate the senses so everyday you feel pampered and cared for.

Who’s involved in the business and what does an average day look like for you?

We’re a small team of 11 which people find hard to believe. We’re working really hard behind the scenes to come up with innovative ideas on new products, experiences for customers and fighting fires daily. Externally we work with PR, digital agencies, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers. An average day starts around 8.30am, filled with lots of meetings both internal and external. We’re in the office 3 days a week and then from home the other 2. Some days are super productive and others can be full of challenges which can feel quite draining. I generally finish around 6pm but often will be checking emails up until 9pm.

What advice would you offer anyone who wants to start their own haircare business?

When building your team surround yourself with people who are problem solvers and know more than you. At times it can be really hard but having a good team will help carry you through.

Do you have plans to expand the range in future, if so, what can we expect?

We’re always looking at ways to improve on our existing range and any new innovation that can potentially become an essential tool in a customer's routine. In 2023 we have some super exciting new products but mum’s the word so watch this space!.

Looking back since you started, is there anything that you would do differently?

Great question, honestly I wouldn’t change anything even though I made a ton of mistakes. But from every mistake I’ve learnt a lot so the losses are as valuable as the wins.

Talk us through an average day in your life…

7am wake up, get ready for work and eat breakfast, my favourite meal of the day

8am take the dog for a walk

8.30 10 mins of meditation then start work

Catch up on emails and meetings both virtual and in person for most of the day

1pm stop to eat then back to work

More emails and meetings

5.30pm leave the office and head home

6.30pm catch up with my daughters on their days, start making dinner

7.30pm eat with the family

8.30pm switch off by watching some TV, often can be total trash, anything that doesn’t involve too much thinking. Currently enjoying Shantaram, The Crown and The Bear

10pm head to bed and read

10.30pm lights out

Outside of the business, what is your go-to quote when lacking motivation?

My go-to quote is always ‘Comparison is the thief of joy’. It’s not necessarily linked with motivation but it’s so easy as an entrepreneur to become paralysed when viewing other people/brands' success. I tend to avoid spending much time on social media as I can find myself in a downward spiral. When I lack motivation I allow myself to pause as fighting it is more exhausting and nothing great is created when I’m in that head space. Taking some time out enables me to recalibrate and come back with some clarity.

Our readers love to travel, what destination is on your must visit list?

OMG sooo many places. Travelling is my most favourite thing to do. I love immersing myself in new places and cultures, this is when I feel at my happiest. If I had to choose one place it would be India. I’ve read some amazing books set India that have ignited a curiosity to explore within me.

What does self care mean to you?

Self care to me means taking care of myself mentally and emotionally. This comes in the form of therapy, meditation and spending time with people who fill me up and make my heart smile.

What’s your 5 year vision for the brand?

I’d love for Bouclème to be a brand that every curl has one product from in their bathroom.. This involves growing the brand globally focusing initially on Europe, US, Middle East and Australia.

Where can people find out more?

Everything you need to know about our brand values and our products can be found at boucleme.co.uk.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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