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Incorporate European Trends Into Your Home Design With These 8 Ideas

Incorporate European Trends Into Your Home Design With These 8 Ideas

Why reminisce about your travels to Europe when you can bring your memories home with you and incorporate them into your home design

July 31st, 2023

Why reminisce about your travels to Europe when you can bring your memories home with you and incorporate them into your home design? Use this guide to design your own European retreat at home.

Choose Subtle Paint Colors

You’ll find many European homes with muted, blended, subtle color themes. Refreshing or repainting the rooms in your home can be an excellent first start to a European design. If you want to add pops of color and achieve an Italian home design, consider wheat, burnt red, or walnut brown.

Upgrade Your Home’s Light Fixtures

Upgrading your home’s light fixtures is another great way to transport yourself to your favorite European country. Handmade light fixtures with vibrant, rich colors will give your home a European vibe. Fine crystal, alabaster, and lights with intricate detailing are also good options when attempting to create a Europe-themed home. Because many European light fixtures have bold shapes and curves, they can easily become the focal point of your home. This makes them perfect for a grand lobby or dining room.

Limit UV Rays Without Making the Room Too Dark

Brightly lit rooms with ample sunshine are a staple in many European cities. Yet, Europeans are also careful about protecting themselves from harmful UV rays. Home window tinting services can help you keep your home brightly lit without too much of the sun getting indoors.

In addition to blocking out UV rays, window tinting also helps control your HVAC costs. Many hotels and homes in Europe don’t have air conditioning, so finding other ways to cool the home is essential.

Import a European Rug

Americans have been importing European rugs since the late-19th century. Traditionally, shipping European rugs into the United States was reserved for wealthy homeowners. Shipping and rug-making have become much more affordable, making it an easier task today. European, handwoven rugs can instantly transform any space in your home.

European rugs typically have subtle detail and cover a large space. Many of the European rugs also come from Middle Eastern countries, where European rugmakers may add their own touches. This allows you to incorporate multiple country themes into your home’s design.

Opt for Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles have been making a comeback in many European cities. Add a ceramic tile backsplash to your kitchen or bathroom for a unique design. You could also use ceramic tiles when upgrading your home’s floors. Ceramic tiles also make for an excellent bathroom or laundry room floor. Choose colors or patterns of tiles that remind you of your favorite coastal European destinations.

Incorporate a Fireplace Into Your Home Design

Many homes in Europe have fireplaces, especially deep into the countryside. Even in places where using wood and coal to fuel fires isn’t allowed, homes are equipped with open fireplaces. Refinish or repurpose your home’s fireplace using subtle white or tan brick colors to achieve a European design.

Of course, if your home doesn’t already have a fireplace, you could invest in an electric one to achieve a similar look. Many of today’s electric fireplaces mimic a traditional fireplace design, but instead of wood, they rely on electricity. A fireplace of any type can make your home cozier and even supply you with extra heat on chilly evenings during the winter months.

Give Your Home Your Own Personalization Twist

One of the best ways to design a home you love is to incorporate your favorite colors or designs. Choose a few top European home designs and then add your own colors or vibes to them. Another great way to add personalization to your home is to decorate using souvenirs from your European travels.

Place a few of your favorite photographs in wooden frames and highlight them in common areas. Hang a few shelves where you can place your trinkets or other souvenirs you collect during your travels. Of course, stocking your home with your favorite European ingredients and menu items also allows you to relive the delicious foods.

Declutter Your Space

Decluttering is a trend throughout much of the world, but one that can make your home more comfortable in daily living. Studies show that Americans store over five times more items than Europeans do, so clearing out some items you no longer want is an excellent way to achieve a similar design. Additionally, by decluttering your space, you’ll have fewer items on the counters and tables, which allows your European theme to stand out.

Bring a few of your European memories home with you and incorporate them into your home design. You will have one of the most unique home designs among your friends and plenty of opportunities to talk about your travels with visitors.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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