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Innovative Tips for Efficient Moving and Storage Solutions

Relocating can bring about bittersweet feelings. While one may find themselves excited, the idea of moving can be daunting to even the most optimistic adventurer.

Relocating can bring about bittersweet feelings.

While one may find themselves excited, the idea of moving can be daunting to even the most optimistic adventurer. 

Want to escape the logistical nightmare of relocating?  Let’s get into some handy moving and storage tips that can turn any moving situation into a success story!

Pre-Move Planning

Why don’t we start with some pre-move planning? I can already see you rolling your eyes and breathing in exasperation, but hear us out. Starting here is crucial. 

Planning here simply involves three things. Decluttering, packing in sections and contacting some important parties

Decluttering lets you get rid of all the things you don’t need making packing things you do need easier and faster. Packing in sections over a couple of days or weeks helps you feel prepared and less overwhelmed and less likely to forget anything.

Finally, you can finish your pre-planning party by contacting utility companies – changing your address – and getting moving details solidified. That’s where a company like PODS comes in. 

PODS will get you set up with containers with your boxes that will be shipped to you ready to unpack as soon as you set foot in your new home.

Packing Tips 

The right materials make all the difference. Purchase good quality boxes, bubble wrap, and heavy-duty tape. That way, you won’t be “that person” whose boxes fall apart or who loses a box from a moving truck.

Make sure to label all your boxes with a thick marker. Mark what is inside the box and what room it belongs in. 

Further, pack an essentials box of the things you’ll need the first night. Think of what you’ll want to have handy when you get home.

Efficient Storage Solutions

If you need storage, you are going to have to learn how to maximize it. This means to utilize all available space. 

Stack boxes, use a steel shelving unit, and take advantage of storage shed options.

It’s a great method for storage units in particular and can help be a fantastic way to put things in a smaller space.

Make sure to think about climate-controlled storage units for those items that are susceptible to temperature and humidity – electronics, art, and any important documents. 

Maintaining them in an environment where you can control the weather will maintain their condition.

Moving Day Strategies

Having a plan for moving day will help make the day go by much more smoothly. When moving day comes make sure you start early. 

Nothing is worse than running behind. If you have hired some helpers, make sure you have everything packed, gathered, and labeled before they arrive.

Post-Move Organization

After reaching your destination, how you begin to unpack your items is the key. You want to start with the most important rooms first which usually are the bedrooms and the kitchen. 

Unpacking those first will make you feel comfortable in no time!

So…What Next?

Moving and storage don’t have to be an ordeal. 

With some careful planning, savvy packing, and storage solutions, the process can be simplified — and the journey enjoyed. 

Following these tips and considering partnering with a moving and storage solution such as PODS will help demonstrate that moving can be a relatively easy and even fun experience. 

Just remember that the secret to a smooth move is being ready and having a plan.