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Inspirational Ingredient Kits from Tastesmiths

Inspirational Ingredient Kits from Tastesmiths

Inspirational Ingredient Kits from Tastesmiths, with 19 kits to choose from. Curries from across the globe.

December 17th, 2020

If you‘re looking for recipe inspiration to transform Christmas leftovers, a fresh ingredient kit from Tastesmiths is an easy way to tikka your turkey, balti your beef or korma your carrots this festive season.

We think that these really are inspirational ingredient kits from Tastesmiths.

Tastesmiths handy kits are available online and contain all the hard to find fresh ingredients and freshly ground spices you need to rustle up delicious, authentic-tasting dishes from home, from curries and chilli to jerk chicken and kebabs. What’s more, with just the right amount of base ingredients you need for each dish, there’s absolutely no waste (did you know that we throw away £270m worth of spices, condiments and sauces each year in the because we don’t use them in time).

There are 19 kits to choose from (£2.75 – £3.50) and each includes easy-to-follow instructions. Just add your choice of meat, fish or veg, along with some kitchen staples such as tomatoes and onions. All the kits are gluten and dairy-free and include a heat guide, so that you can temper how hot or mild you’d like your meal.

Tastesmiths Kits

The team from Tastesmiths has also created a delicious gift box for Christmas, perfect for foodie families and friends. From their website, choose any four or six kits from their Best Sellers and Online Specials, tell them where you’d like them sent, let them know what you’d like written on the personalised gift card and the kits will be packaged in a beautiful gift box and sent on their way to the recipient’s front door. The Gift Box costs £22 (four kits) or £28 (six kits) including delivery. If you’ve left ordering until the last-minute, there’s a guaranteed next day delivery option and if you can’t decide which kits to buy, there’s a gift voucher option for the recipient to choose their own.

The kits contain none of the preservatives or additives found in ready-made, shop-bought sauces. After delivery, simply pop them in the fridge. Most have a minimum 14 days’ fridge shelf-life, or you can freeze in their original packaging and use from frozen. Inspirational ingredient kits from Tastesmiths.

All kits are available online from tastesmiths.com, Amazon and Boroughbox.

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