If you would like for all of your guests to whip out their phones and start taking snaps or going live on Instagram at your next themed party, make sure you give them plenty of reasons to do it. Without a doubt, some crushing hashtags and exquisite photos will give your social media presence a kick. But if you are truly interested in making your next themed party the event everyone talks about, use these ideas as guidelines – they are definitely Insta Snapchat Worthy Party Themes.

1. “Diet Starts Monday” Themed Party

This is one of the most talked-about party themes right now and it’s easy to understand why it’s so popular! How many times have you told yourself that you will start going to the gym or go on a diet starting Monday, yet “Monday” oftentimes turns into next Monday and Next Monday again and again? So why not throw a themed party that lets all your guests go down in style a night before the dreaded Monday?

Plan a Sunday evening party and make sure to throw in plenty of tasty snacks and foods that will be completely off their menu in less than 24 hours. Build a French fries wall or prepare a doughnut pool and throw in plenty of colorful balloons and confetti to set the mood

2. “Game On” Party Ideas

Being a Gamer or not, what can be better than going to a “gaming” themed party? There are lots of ideas on gaming-themed parties ranging from easy DIY to professionally organized parties. How about renting some state-of-the-art virtual reality gear or a retro arcade gaming venue and throw the coolest video game party where guests get to dress up as their favourite game characters? Or, if most of your guests are passionate about casino gambling, you could turn the party into a Vegas Nights-themed party with a rented roulette, poker or blackjack table, a live dealer, a flashy décor, huge dice as décor and the most exquisite cocktails served in Vegas casinos. The popular game of “Shot-Roulette” is a must so make sure to get yourself updated on the Roulette tactics, this is a game you don’t want to lose!

3. Back To 1920

Turn your home or party venue into a mesmerizing scene depicted straight from the Roaring Twenties. Get ready to rent art deco lighting props, arches, cocktail tables and even a jazz player display. Make sure to mention the mandatory party attire to your guests in their RSVP invitations and get ready for a sea of camera flashes and Instagram posts all night long.

4. Candy Crush Themed Party

If you like pretty much everyone else on the face of the Earth and you have a sweet tooth, why not plan a party that will allow everyone to fill their IG and Snapchat feeds with the brightest, most vividly colored decorations, candy, marshmallows, cookies, gummy bears and ice cream? Kids are not the only ones who can enjoy sweets at a fun party and the theme is definitely one that will draw all the attention of your guests’ followers on Instagram.

5. Back-to-Childhood Themed Party

Remember the birthday parties when you were a child? The days when all the kids played outside. Remember the games – Catch the Flag, Jump-Rope, Water Balloon Pinata? How does a party filled with games, confetti, balloons, bubbles and bouncy castles sound to you? A party that brings out your inner child. Why not plan some good ol’ childhood games for your next office party? If you want you can easily spice them up a bit by adding some adult-themes. Make sure to add some sweet snacks and a slide and you will see everyone going crazy on Instagram, snapping and making boomerangs or starting live IG videos to show off just how great of a time they are having. Don’t forget to ask your guests to bring a photo of themselves as a child and make a competition trying to match each child’s photo with the right person. If you forgot how to play the games check out this guide with the rules for the 25 most popular childhood games from around the world.

6. Lion King Themed Party

With the release of the Savannah Soiree in 2019 and the huge success recorded by both the original and the musical versions of the movie, a safari-style party sounds like an excellent idea for a party theme in 2020. Think of asking for an animal print dress code – the print is back as a fashion statement this year and the ladies are definitely going to like showing off their party outfits on Instagram while, of course, promoting your party.

7. Springtime In Paris

Take your guests to Paris in the springtime by using gorgeous gold, silver and black decorations, a mini-Eiffel Tower, cherry blossom trees with beautiful lights in them, a reflecting pool and lots of city street lights. You can really have some fun and play around with this theme idea. Why not try “Paris at Night” or “Romance in Paris”? and try a Paris night theme instead, if your party will be held at night, on a weekend, and you are planning something more romantic.

You can find many themed party decoration ideas on Pinterest for DIY and Amazon has a great selection if you want to buy online. Whatever party theme you plan on doing, make sure you plan all the details and logistics well ahead of time and don’t forget to create a fun, relaxing and engaging atmosphere.


Northern girl Laura is the epitome of a true entrepreneur. Laura’s spirit for adventure and passion for people blaze through House of Coco. She founded House of Coco in 2014 and has grown it in to an internationally recognised brand whilst having a lot of fun along the way. Travel is in her DNA and she is a true visionary and a global citizen.

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