Many people make the mistake of confusing Australia and New Zealand. However, they are two different entities. On the North island of New Zealand, they are much nearer to Polynesia and the South Island makes you think that you’re in Scotland. The beautiful scenery in New Zealand is similar to Ireland and Canada in the regions of the Alpine. Here are some interesting facts about New Zealand that is useful to know before paying a visit.

Rugby Is Almost Like Religion

Rugby brings the Kiwis together and plays a fundamental role in the country’s national identity. Rugby is serious and you can a depressing mood on a Monday morning after the All blacks lost a match. They pretty much despise the Wallabies.

Fluctuating Weather

New Zealand’s weather is mild with copious rainfall. On some days you’ll experience all four seasons in a day. Summer only officially appears in the South Island until close to Christmas. It can get chilly unexpectedly, even in January, so it’s best to pack a jersey. The beach resort areas are generally deserted during winter due to the cold.

It Can Take A Lot Longer To Reach Places Than Anticipated

Traveling from Auckland to Otama Beach appears to be close by when you look on the map, however the roads in New Zealand can be narrow, window and the terrain can be hilly. You will also find many one-way bridges; therefore, you must allocate additional time for this and remain realistic. When you’re going to New Zealand, it is a good idea to opt for a sim card New Zealand. One that can give you unlimited 4G and 5G data for using social apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, messenger etc. You never know when you’ll be delayed and must stay connected with friends and family.

Tip Top Ice Cream Is King

The kiwis declare that their tip top ice-cream is the best thing you’ll taste in the southern hemisphere. The best seller is the hokey pokey flavour which sells five million litres a year.

Kiwis Are Among The Friendliest People All Round

They will often assist with directions, stop for a chat or wave at you when you drive passed. They’ll often enquire about where you’re from and what your plans are when visiting New Zealand.

New Zealand’s Maori Population

The Maori people are indigenous to New Zealand and are prominent in government as well as society. Maori is also one of the official languages of the country. Many of the modern Maori populations still follow traditional Maori customs and traditions.

The Scenery Is Breath-Taking, Particularly In The South IslandRegion

You’ll find it hard to keep driving once you’ve encountered the beautiful lakes, snow-capped mountains and the green rolling hills with sheep grazing peacefully.

Here are some interesting random facts about New Zealand that is useful to know before paying a visit.

Backwards Arrows

You’ll notice backward arrows marking the opposite direction that you’re going, when driving. This is normal and don’t fret, you are indeed going the right direction.

Auckland Is Pricey

Auckland is ranked as one of the priciest cities, especially when you buy items like sunscreen, wine, beer, a cup of coffee or three-course meals for two. Eating out is expensive and you won’t encounter many Asian eateries.


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